Handicraft Exhibition Promotes Innovative Products


A collaboration between the Impact Fund and the Job Creation and Investment Climate (JCIC) Project, facilitated by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and funded by the European Union (EU), presented a Handicraft Exhibition in Maun promoting innovative handicraft products by women from the Okavango and Ghanzi Areas. The project is implemented by ginger Sofreco.

The exhibition was not just a mere showcase of products; but a celebration of creativity and tradition intertwined. Kagiso Motsamai, representing Etsha 6, expressed her excitement, stating, “This collaboration has been an eye-opener for us. We’ve learned to infuse innovative techniques into our traditional crafts, resulting in products that truly stand out.”

Similarly, Xhase, from the D’kar women’s group, shared pride in incorporating native Naro craft techniques into their creations. “Our collaboration efforts have elevated our traditional designs,” he exclaimed.

The journey to the Handicraft Exhibition began with collaborative workshops led by industry experts Jane Taylor, Emmanuelle Poncin, and Emmanuelle Savignat. These workshops aimed to preserve traditional crafting methods while infusing them with modern elements. The result was a stunning array of products such as Hippy Chic magnets made of petite crowns of renditions of compact traditional basketry and Safari Glass Chains, made of ostrich egg shells, that seamlessly blend natural materials with recycled ones, embodying a modern aesthetic with a nod to environmental conservation.

Emmanuelle Savignat, renowned for her expertise in trend analysis and craftsmanship, commended the women’s hard work and dedication. “The products showcased here are truly unique and have immense potential in both domestic and international markets,” she remarked.

Jane Taylor, the visionary behind Collaborative Craft Projects, echoed Savignat’s sentiments, describing the exhibition as a testament to Botswana’s rich tapestry of culture and craftsmanship. “This is just the beginning,” Taylor hinted, suggesting that the collaboration holds even greater promise for the future.

Indeed, the Handicraft Exhibition was more than just an event; it was a celebration of resilience, creativity, and cultural heritage. As visitors marveled at the exquisite creations on display, they were witnessing the culmination of centuries-old practices passed down from generation to generation.

After the remarkable exhibition, only eager anticipation lingered for the next chapter in Botswana’s journey towards becoming a global hub for artisanal excellence. With each stitch, weave, and stroke of creativity, these women are rewriting the narrative of traditional craft, transforming it into something truly extraordinary.


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