Farmers Market A Platform For Small Businesses Exposure


The inaugural Nhabe Farmers Market has become the latest initiative to give small businesses a platform to showcase their diverse array of products for market exposure. The Nhabe Farmers Market was held this week at the Power Station in Maun.

The showcase was display of diverse array of small businesses, each offering unique products.

The organiser of the event, Zandile Kekgonegile underscored the importance of providing a platform for small businesses to gain exposure.

“This market is about showcasing the untapped potential within our business community,” she explained. “Many small businesses struggle to penetrate larger markets, and events like this serve as a stepping stone towards broader recognition.”

Kekgonegile, an entrepreneur with a background in marketing emphasised that her journey as an entrepreneur started the same way and through that she found a chance towards assisting small business with the market as a starting place.

Kekgonegile stated, “This is our first showing and I believe that the next market will be even bigger, with a larger base of entrepreneurs to showcase from. I believe that entrepreneurs and the public have much more exciting things they should expect for our next installment.” She revealed plans to host another Nhabe Farmer’s market in two months’ time.

The market buzzed with activity as vendors displayed their wares, ranging from handmade soaps, to children’s books as well as plants for sale.

One of the standout stalls belonged to Moanamise Masedi, the creative mind behind Soaps by Nami, who revealed, “I first learnt entrepreneurial skills from the Re Jala Peo Foundaton, but it was only later after became independent that I grew curious about soap making and googled how to make soap. Fortunately, I was a quick learn and I was able to produce my own soaps.”

Masedi’s finely packaged products were a testament to her journey from self-taught soap maker to an entrepreneur on a trajectory for success.

In addition to her individual ventures, collaborative efforts were also on display. Masedi featured children’s books produced in collaboration with the Re Jala Peo foundation, showcasing stories and artwork from local schoolchildren. This collaborative initiative not only highlighted artistic talent but also fostered community engagement.

The Nhabe farmers market, with its diverse range of offerings including plants, baked goods, and entertainment for children, received a warm reception from attendees. Despite being its inaugural day, the market provided a promising glimpse into the potential for future growth and development.

As small businesses continue to face challenges in accessing markets and promoting their products, events like the Maun farmers market play a crucial role in fostering entrepreneurship and economic vitality within local communities. Through collaboration and support, these ventures can flourish, contributing to the overall prosperity of the region.


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