Suspected Murder-Suicide Case Shocks Machaba Community


Maun police are investigating a suspected murder and suicide case involving a man aged  28 years and his girlfriend aged 20 years at Machaba settlement near Shorobe. The incident is said to have occurred at the man’s residence where the couple had apparently been residing.

According to Maun police station commander Superintendent Dennis Zilawe, it was the absence of the couple at the customary breakfast gathering that raised concerns among the family. This prompted them to send one of the family members to call the couple to the breakfast table. The family member was horrified to find only the woman who was unresponsive.

Upon informing the family about his discovery, and with the heightened alarm, concern and confusion the rest of the family set out to confirm, and came to the same discovery of the unresponsive female partner.

On further investigation and search around the yard, the family came to a harrowing discovery of one of their own, the lifeless body of the man hanging from a tree near the compound.

The family then informed the police who swiftly responded to the distressing scene. The bodies were then taked to Letsholathebe II Memorial Hospital, where medical professionals confirmed their untimely deaths.

Zilawe disclosed that the investigation has taken a forensic turn, particularly concerning the circumstances of the woman’s demise. Despite lacking visible external injuries suggestive of foul play, the nature of her death remains under scrutiny. Zilawe emphasised that the investigation is ongoing.

During the year of 2024, this unfortunate chain of events follows a tally of a fourth suicide from the beginning of the year to date. Unfortunately, the first reported death of a woman by unconfirmed circumstances. While all circumstances were different in the wake of this year the community of Maun still reels from the shock and hurt these incidences have brought to both members of the families and the community at large.


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