Unlicensed Drivers Rule Maun Streets


Police in Maun have decried the high numbers of people driving vehicles without drivers licences. This as they recorded 129 cases of people driving without driving licences from last month after the Easter holidays to this week.

Maun Police Traffic Officer, Sub-Inspector Sejakgomo Elijah, has expressed concern that the numbers are too high, especially considering the short period within which they were recorded.

He further revealed that most of the offences are committed by young people aged between 15 and 35. The culprits, he revealed are usually caught driving vehicles belonging to either their parents, relatives or friends.

According to the traffic cop, most of the cases of people driving without licenses in Maun are usually recorded on weekends. He highlighted that recently the Police recorded a case in which a 15-year-old boy of Sedie Ward was caught driving his father home.

“Imagine a father allowing his little son to drive him, knowing very well that he is of younger age and not experienced in driving in a Highway especially where there is more traffic not that he is allowed to drive somewhere else without a driver’s license,” Elijah condemned.

Elijah warned that such behavior influences young people to steal their parent’s cars and end up causing accidents and lose their lives in the process.

Elijah has pleaded with members of the public to stop driving without driver’s license as the practice has the potential to causes more accidents. He warning that the penalty for driving without a driver’s license is currently P1000.

Meanwhile Sub-Inspector Elijah has revealed that they have also recorded 23 cases of drinking and driving over the weekend. This, he said is also worrisome as most of the culprits end up causing accidents and loss of lives.  

Drinking and Driving offence is charged not less than P 3000 but not exceeding P5000 and the offender can be barred from driving and license confiscated for 12-month period.

As a word of caution to motorists, Elijah has pleaded with all road users to exercise patience and restraint whenever they are on the roads, adding that over-speeding and reckless driving remain threat to road safety.

He regretted that Maun is also notorious for motorist who bump into other people’s vehicles and then flee the accident scenes. He has warned that such behavior cannot be tolerated and that those found on the wrong will face the wrath of the law.


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