Unleash Your Potential Returns To Maun


The annual personal development conference dubbed ‘Unleash your Potential’ will this month return to Maun with the aim to helping individuals to discover their potential and unleash the greatness in them.

Hosted by a Global Business Speaker Mompoloki Makwana who is a professional coach and author of ‘employee development books’, the conference will be held on the 27th of August at Maun Lodge. It will be 4th annual conference held in Maun since the last one in 2019.

The conference will bring diverse speakers who facilitate from different backgrounds such as psychology, health and motivation.

Event manager Ditso Phillip said that the conference will create an opportunity for individuals to interact and learn from each other as well as to connect and help each other pave their future.

“This will all be about helping individuals to establish and grow the habits of success in their lives and to help them get rid of procrastination, blaming and complaining” she said.

Phillip explained that discovering ones purpose is knowing what matters to them and going beyond what has been imposed on them by friends, family and colleagues.

She noted that the conference will also speak to employment creation, entrepreneurship mindset, skills and talent management, community building, leadership development and gender equality. She added that people from different fields will be engaged to help individuals establish the life they have always wanted.

“The conference provides a wide range of options of the people one can collaborate with in any of their future projects as there will be many people who aspire to lead a great life.”

Makwana, a world class development coach is also known for delivering exceptional coaching sessions on personal leadership to help organizations create vibrant workplaces by engaging employees, enabling communication, transforming leaders and driving workplace culture.

Phillip highlighted that the host annually coaches more than 1000 diverse individuals, employees, business leaders, executives from different local and international organizations and the youth as well. She added that his clients extend to Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Cameroon and The kingdom of Eswatini, therefore attendees are sure to be transformed into leaders.

She has therefore encouraged individuals to join the conference to help themselves create a well-rounded lifestyle through the power of self-discipline and the will to get things done.


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