UB -ORI Look To Stakeholders’ For Support


The University of Botswana and its campus in Maun, Okavango Research Institute (ORI) are set to celebrate their 40th and 25th anniversaries during the month of October and the latter has called on various stakeholders to come on board to support the Maun event.

ORI have since pleaded for support from local, international donors as well as individuals towards the success of the events.

Organizing committee co-chairperson Tsaone Gaborone revealed that their office has already received positive responses from local companies who have pledged their support towards the celebration.

She indicated that some companies have already come on board and pledged their support, adding that they anticipate more to come on board as they continue their call for support. All the companies that would have contributed to the success of the event will be appreciated and named publicly.

“Maun celebration will be determined by UB event which might be held around October, once they state their date we will be able to decide on ours,” she noted.

Gaborone is hopeful that they will be successful in their preparations for the event noting that they recently had a successful engagement with more than 30 local stakeholders in Maun.  Among the stakeholders who were present at the event were those from the tourism and hospitality sector, community trusts and CBOs, health sector, network providers and the agriculture sector.

 Kwando Safaris, Khwai Development Trust, OKMCT, Mokoro Lodge, Doctors Inn, Crop Production, Wilderness Safaris, Mascom and Dinos Holdings.

At the event, ORI Director Professor Joseph Mbaiwa cajoled the stakeholders to come on board to help them in terms of contributions pledges towards their 40th and 25th Celebration for UB and ORI respectively.

“UB has no money therefore all Batswana, stakeholders, Alumni, business partners and international partners should come on board for the success of the celebrations for both the UB and ORI,” he pleaded.

Professor Mbaiwa reminded the stakeholders that UB was founded with contributions from Batswana through the spirit of “Motho le motho kgomo” which translate to “1 person, 1 beast” pleading for them to show the same spirit once again.

He said the celebration mark the sacrifices, hard work, the donations and the pledges that Batswana contributed to what the university it is today.

“We believe UB has contributed a lot in terms of Human Resource in this country leading to the development of Botswana therefore it deserves the appreciation and celebration, which is why we want to celebrate its Alumni, partnership and all collaborations that helped the communities we live in,” he noted.


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