Turbulence Provides An Opportunity For Innovation, Transformation – Shamukuni


Leaders have been urged to view turbulence as an opportunity to innovate, evolve and transform the governance framework to meet the demands of the dynamic business environment, not a threat.

This plea was made by the Minister of Justice Machana Shamukuni during the official opening of the 2nd Annual Corporate Governance Forum in Kasane this week. The event was held under the theme “Re-imagining Corporate Governance in enhancing Company’s Performance in turbulent times”.

Shamukuni said that the landscape in which businesses operate is constantly evolving, presenting a myriad of risks and opportunities. He stated that it is during these turbulent times that the true value of robust corporate governance practices shines through, providing a compass to steer through stormy waters and emerge stronger on the other side.

“Let us challenge conventional norms, embrace change, and leverage emerging technologies and best practices to propel our organizations towards excellence,” he said.

He noted that as they navigate through uncertainty and volatility, the role of governance in guiding organisations towards resilience, adaptability, and success becomes more critical than ever before. Shamukuni has expressed that corporate governance serves as the cornerstone of operations, guiding their quest for sustainable growth, risk management, and stakeholder trust.

According to him, by upholding the principles of integrity, fairness, and diligence, they do not only safeguard the interests of shareholders but also nurture a culture of excellence and responsibility.

Shamukuni stated that through effective governance mechanisms, the aim is to enhance organisations performance, mitigate risks and foster long-term value creation. He said that the commitment to upholding the highest standards of governance is not merely a regulatory requirement but a testament to dedication to operating with integrity and transparency.

“As we delve deeper into discussions surrounding corporate governance, let us remember that every decision we make, every action we take, has a ripple effect on our organization and beyond. Let us embrace this opportunity to strengthen our governance framework, uphold the principles of accountability, and steer our organization towards a future defined by trust, sustainability, and success,” he said.

Summit Chairperson Joe Ndadi said the objectives of the summit were to address different challenges in corporate governance. He stated that through the summit they intend to analyse the main actors and structures of corporate governance and show how their interaction and functioning differ across national economies, industries, and the development stage of firms.

The summit was organised by Exclusive Human Capital Consulting (EHCC) in partnership with BPOMAS, Vunani Fund Managers Botswana, Standard Chartered Bank and Rider Levett Bucknall.

Exclusive Human Capital Consulting (EHCC) firm started was established in 2017 and  provides diverse Human Capital (HC) consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises at a scale of 60% while 40% in hosting of organizational industry conferences/events and in-house training.


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