Triple Murder Trial Set For November


The trial dates for a triple murder case in which Victor Gaoduelwe is alleged to have murdered his girlfriend, her sister and a year-old child in 2018 has been set for November 7-11 this year.

Justice Bugalo Maripe of the Maun High Court set the new dates his week after the accused person filed in a 5 days sick leave on the day his trail was suppose to commence.

Maripe, however noted that there is a tendency by accused persons who are on bail to providing court with sick leave to delays their cases, adding that the court will keep an eye on the issue.

Gaoduelwe who is also a Zion Christian Church (ZCC) member is facing three counts of murder, which he is alleged to have committed on the 7th September 2018 at Matshwane ward in Maun.

On the first count he is alleged to have murdered 32-year-old Onkarabetse Kemothateng who was the mother of his two children, on the second count he murdered his 24-year-old girlfriend’s sister, Kutlwano Kemothateng while and on the third count he is alleged to have murdered 1-year-old Kebonye Kemothateng.

Facts presented before court are that Gaoduelwe and his deceased girlfriend had a misunderstanding after he accused her of having multiple partners. It is alleged that after the accusations, he then summoned the deceased to his house to offer them a church concoction taela, claiming he had a vision that necessitated such.

It is alleged that when the trio arrived at the accused person’s place he reportedly told them that had to offer them the taela separately. He is said to have started by going with his girlfriend Onkarabetse who was also carrying Kebonye on her back.

Gaoduelwe is alleged to have killed Onkarabetse while she was still carrying her 1-year-old niece on her back. He allegedly thereafter proceeded to murder the one-year-old while she was still tied to the deceased’s back. The accused person is alleged to have gone back home and took Kutlwano to a different location few meter away from where he committed the other offences and murdered her as well. The accused is said to have used a hammer and a knife to commit the offences.

The 34-year-old accused person who is currently on bail will appear for status update on the September 23.


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