Trio Hosts A 13-Day Art Exhibition


The Space Botswana Gallery, an art creative hub situated in Matlapana is hosting a 13-day long art exhibition featuring three renowned local artists.

The artists, Katongo Chisenga, Pako Molebatsi and Rodger Brown are showcasing painting work in an exhibition held under the theme, ‘Artistic Reflections of the Okavango Delta and its people.’

The exhibition was officially opened to members of the public on the 13th of July and is scheduled to run until the 11th of August this year.

In an interview with The Weekender, founder of The Space Botswana Art Gallery, Atang Arnold explained that the purpose of the exhibition is to educate communities on the importance of art visuals and the significance it brings to the economy. The exhibition also reflects on people living in the Delta, their lifestyle and the wildlife.

On display are water paintings, drawings and sculptures from these artists who love experimenting with medium material forms and bringing out the many dimensions of life.

Arnold praised the artists for their artworks noting that their work was enticing and has a sense of originality. She also noted that this was their second exhibition following the first one held in April this year.

After realising that there are few art galleries in the country, Arnold said she then decided to establish her own gallery in Maun. She indicated that The Space Botswana is home to 13 artists, 6 of whom  are females. Motivated and supported by her art teacher to engage more in her love for art, she continues to host artists to showcase their talents in artwork.

One of the exhibitors, Katongo Chisenga, a Maun who specializes in oil paintings appreciated that the exhibition has given him the opportunity to learn from other artists.

Inspired by his father who was also an artist Chisenga started art from a young age. The self-taught artist’s love for art began when his father showed him a drawing of a cow that appeared real back in primary school, leading to art lessons at junior and senior secondary schools where he horned his skills. He indicated that he started selling his work in Old Mall and at Backpackers in Maun in 2010 after completing his studies.

Chisenga narrated that he started off with pencil drawings, then upgraded to water paintings until he subsequently improved to oil paintings. His very first drawing Chisenga sold for only P500. Chisenga applauded that people’s love for his artwork has really encouraged him to grow in his career, “I now have my own studio in Boseja where I do and sell all my artworks,” he noted.


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