Trial Starts For SA National Accused For Drug Trafficking


Trial for 28-year-old South African national, Thapelo Skhosana who was recently charged with drug trafficking has commenced before the Maun Magistrate’s Court.

The Woolworths truck driver, was on the 28th of January this year charged with drug trafficking after he was found with five packages containing a green substance suspected to be dagga at Makalamabedi Veterinary gate.

Skhosana’s attorney Clifford Foroma has admitted the forensic affidavits which confirmed that the alleged green substance is indeed dagga weighing 30kg. He further admitted to the statement given by Woolworths Assistant Manager, Gaenamang Gosalamang that the accused was also driving a Woolworths truck in which the dagga was allegedly discovered.

Constable Bokamoso Marole who discovered the first suspected dagga package while doing a routine stop and search at Makalamabedi gate, told court that upon searching the truck in company of a colleague and the accused person, he found a package wrapped with a brown tape by the passenger’s seat.

According to Marole, he then asked the suspect what the packages contained, and his response was reportedly that it was a decorative cloth given to him by an unknown man at Kwa Nokeng filling station in Maun which he was asked to give to a certain man in Francistown.

“I called Sergeant Charlie who came and made a quick search in the white Mercedes truck, where he also discovered four more packages, one below the passenger seat and 3 behind the same seat. They were all wrapped in brown tape,” the police officer told court.

Marole added that he was not given any details about the recipient of the alleged decorating cloths by the accused person but said he was only given his contacts. Marole said the number they were given was however unavailable.

Another State Witness explained to the court that he did a thorough check in the truck and discovered 2 more packages at the back of the truck similar to the 3 found at the front seats. He said when questioning the suspect, he repeated his answer that they were cloths given to him by an unknown man and was asked to deliver them in Francistown.

According to the witness, the accused claimed not to know the man who gave him the decorative cloth. He added that there was a small opening in the packages where one could see the greenish substance inside. It is reported that Skhosana however later confirmed to Charlie that indeed the substances were dagga and he was delivering it in Francistown.

The accused person’s attorney however told court that police were given the names of the man who gave his client the said packages therefore he does not understand why all the witnesses were denying it. He argued that it was unfortunate that the suspect was found with the said dagga despite the fact that it does not belong to him as he is just a Woolworth’s truck driver.

He further argued that the accused person did not ask much about the said package nor open to see what was inside because he was rushing to get to the gate as he knew that trucks should not be moving after 11pm.  The trial has been set for continuation on June 28.


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