Traffic Offences Surge Over Easter Holidays


Maun police station commander assistant superintendent Kgakgamatso Koboyatshwene has revealed that statistics from the past easter holidays show a notable increase in traffic offenses. 

According Koboyatshwene, they recorded 74 offences, making a significant rise of 72.1% from the 43 recorded cases during the same period the previous year.

Koboyatshwene further highlighted a concerning trend, stating that there was a single serious car accident, contrasting with none reported in 2023. Moreover, minor crashes escalated from zero in the previous year to six this time around, representing a 100% increase.

Of particular concern was the staggering increase observed in overspending incidents, which skyrocketed from zero in the prior year to a staggering 22 cases, marking a substantial 100% increase.

While other statistics revealed the escalation in cases of driving without a license, which soared to 22 compared to 18 in the preceding year, indicating an increase of approximately 22.2%. Conversely, instances of failure to wear a seatbelt saw a decrease to 9, down from 14 reported in the previous year, representing a reduction of approximately 35.7%.

Koboyatshwene cautioned against complacency despite this slight decline, emphasising the continued importance of wearing seatbelts for safety.

Attributing the rise in traffic violations to an influx of visitors to Maun during easter holidays, Koboyatshwene pointed to the heightened attendance of events such as horse races. The surge in tourist activity underscores the necessity for enhanced enforcement of road safety regulations to mitigate risks associated with increased traffic.

In light of these statistics, Koboyatshwene urged Batswana to prioritise adherence to road safety laws, emphasising fundamental practices such as wearing seatbelts and exercising caution, particularly during night-time driving. Implementing these basic safety measures could potentially avert tragic outcomes and save lives.

Koboyatshwene noted that, despite the absence of fatal crashes this year, he urged the public to exercise caution and assume greater responsibility while driving. He emphasised that the unprecedented surge in traffic offenses signals an alarming issue. Moreover, the escalation in overs speeding poses a significant threat, potentially increasing the likelihood of fatal accidents for drivers.

The significant percentage differences in traffic offenses between 2023 and 2024 highlight the pressing need for collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies and the community to promote safer road practices and reduce the incidence of preventable accidents. As Maun continues to attract visitors, ensuring road safety remains paramount to safeguarding lives and preserving the well-being of all road users.


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