Toddler Drowns In A Bucket Of Water


Police in Gumare are investigating a tragic incident in which a two -year-old toddler is reported to have recently drowned in a bucket full of water.

The toddler reportedly fell into a 30litre bucket while playing outside the house at Phakalane Ward in Gumare village. The incident is said to have occurred at night around 8 pm. According to Acting No17 Officer Commanding Superintendent Goitsemodimo Molapisi, the deceased was with her 8 year old brother who somehow left her behind before she drowned.

The kids were reportedly left under the care of their visiting 68 year old uncle of Mokgobelele ward in Molepolole.

It is said that when the uncle saw the brother alone he inquired him about the whereabouts of the toddler and they both subsequently began searching for her. Molapisi said the duo found the deceased with her head submerged inside the bucket and legs up in the air.

The deceased was then rushed to Gumare Primary Hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival. The Station Commander said that the body of the 2 year old toddler will be taken for a post mortem this Friday to confirm the cause of her death.

According to Molapisi, the parents to the toddler who had gone out at the time of the incident are a 38 year old woman and a 41 year old man of Mokgobelele ward in Molepolole. Molapisi has since advised parents, guardians and caretakers to always be vigilant when children are left under their supervision. He pleaded with them to always keep their children under close supervision to avoid such similar incidents from happening.

“Drowning is one of the leading causes of deaths for children especially those under the age of five. Toddlers are the most at risk as they are more mobile as compared to infants, but are still developing motor skills and cannot judge hazards,” he noted.


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