Three Tragic Deaths Hit Shakawe In A Week


In a tragic turn of events Shakawe witnessed three separate incidents leading to the deaths of three individuals in a week, with a man collapsing, a woman murdered and another woman trampled by an elephant.

The first incident occurred around 5 pm on Tuesday when a 54-year-old man collapsed and died while shopping in a local store.

Shakawe Police Station Commander, Superintendent Ogolotswe Tampa, reported that the man had allegedly left his village for Shakawe to run some errands. While shopping, the man suddenly collapsed in a shop. Bystanders quickly called for help, and he was taken to JP Kavindama Primary Hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Tampa stated that the man’s body was being held for further investigation to determine the exact cause of death.

Just a few hours later, around 1945hrs, Shakawe Police received another report of a 26-year-old woman who was found lying in a pool of blood next to her 5-year-old child, having allegedly sustained severe injuries from a sharp object.

Tampa revealed that once they received the report, a swift response to the scene was made where they found the woman’s lifeless body. They immediately arrested a man suspected to be responsible for the murder.

Tampa revealed that the suspect has been detained and was arraigned in the Shakawe Magistrate Court on Friday, where he was remanded in custody pending further investigations.

Adding to the week’s misfortunes, another tragic incident occurred on Saturday involving a 37-year-old woman from Moeti Ward, who was trampled by an elephant.

Tampa detailed that the woman and her companion had allegedly left Nxamaseri Lodge for an evening walk. During their walk, they encountered a raging elephant. Despite their attempts to flee, the elephant chased them, tragically trampling the woman. The woman’s body was taken to JP Kavindama Primary Hospital, where she was declared dead upon arrival.

These three unrelated incidents have left the community of Shakawe in shock and mourning. The local authorities are conducting thorough investigations into each case. Tampa emphasized the importance of public safety and urged the community to remain vigilant. The Shakawe community is grappling with these losses, while the police is working diligently to ensure justice and provide some closure to the bereaved families.


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