Thirsty Boro Residents Plead For Assistance With Boreholes


Botho Corps Trust, a newly registered Non-profit Organization based in Boro, Maun has called on potential sponsors to assist in drilling at least two boreholes in Boro 1 to address the chronic water shortages in the settlement. This is as the settlement’s main source is currently producing very little to no water at all.

The Boro 1 residents have been using a single public tap as their source of water which is supplied from the ‘Upstream Boro’ channel. The channel is however reported to have since been blocked by vegetation which now causes very low pressure to no water at all for days on end.

This has left the Boro 1 community of about 270 people, in a dire situation as they have no clean water supply, which negatively affects sanitation and general hygiene.

Co-founder of Botho Corps Trust, Dr. Didimalang Biorn, said water is essential for human life, therefore a lack of it results in poor sanitation that leads to diseases and unsafe living conditions in the area.

“The situation has caused a great concern as there is no water in the river and the community cannot do fishing and tswii harvesting which are their livelihoods,” she lamented.

Biorn pleaded that the settlement needs at least 2 boreholes, one being a water source for various household activities while the other one would be used for the community garden which will be initiated immediately after the boreholes have been drilled. She explained that they will plant vegetables to feed the community.

For his part, the area Councilor, Kenson Kgaga criticised government for failing to provide Boro with reliable sources of clean water. He said while he has raised the concern numerous times in council and to relevant authorities, he has always been told that Boro is an ungazetted settlement.

The outspoken councilor is of a view that residents of Boro are well deserving of the government’s assistance and services as they pay tax like any other Motswana.

Kgaga noted that during the COVID-19 pandemic, they were assisted with Jojo tanks which were bowsed by Water Utilities Corporation (WUC), but after the pandemic the supply stopped. 


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