Tawana Landboard’s 75 974 Waiting List


  • Set target to allocate almost 18 000 plots this financial year
  • This is against the national target of 100 000 plots to be allocated

Tawana Land Board (TLB) has set a target to allocate 17 918 residential plots this financial year, from a waiting list that currently stands at 75 974 applications in its area of jurisdiction. This is against the national target of 100 000 plots for this financial year 2022/23.

These are spread across the entire Ngamiland under the jurisdiction of its subordinate land boards of Maun, Sehithwa, Nokaneng, Gumare, Shakawe and Seronga.

In response to a questionnaire from this publication, TLB Secretary, Neo Mothobi revealed that among the six sub landboards only four of them, Gumare, Shakawe, Seronga and Maun have plots to be allocated this financial year.

The total residential plots readily available are 9057 of the 10122 plots.

Mothobi revealed that Gumare Sub Land Board has 422 plots in Etsha 6, there are 422 plots and only 131 were readily available and 109 of these plots have been allocated. At Nxauxau village, out of 18 plots available for allocation only two have been allocated. For Gumare village, she stated that 346 plots out of 715 plots were ready for allocation and 237 plots have been allocated.

In Shakawe Sub Land Board 1036 of 1441 plots are ready for allocation and 936 have been allocated while in Tsodilo out of 80 plots 59 have been allocated.

“In Maun Sub Land Board, Makalamabedi village has 580 plots and 248 have been allocated, Komana, Matsaudi and Matlapana have 165, 999 and 126 plots which are yet to be allocated respectively,” she said. Chanoga, she noted has 1358 plots and 275 have been allocated. Mothobi revealed that Maun village has 2469 plots and 905 have been allocated.

 Mothobi further explained Seronga Sub Land Board, Ngarange had 26 of 249 plots ready and only allocated. She stated that Beetsha village has 38 of 237 ready and 23 allocated. Mothobi also revealed that Mokgacha village has 12 plots and Kauxwi has 9 plots and not yet allocated.

“In addition to the 10122 plots, there are other plots which are still to be surveyed and will be ready for allocation this year. There are a total of 6512 plots and by end of June 2022, 2608 of these were surveyed and submitted to the Director of Surveys and Mapping review and once approved they will be allocated.”

 The total  plots to be allocated in other villages stands at 6512, Nokaneng-238,Gumare-954, Sehithwa-565,Seronga-395,Kareng-1475,Mohembo-256,Tobera-303,Qangwa-327,Tsau-344,Somelo-955,Makakung-248 and Semboyo-452.

“In addition, there are 5020 plots which were already surveyed by April 2022 and have been submitted to the Director of Surveys and Mapping for examination as follows (Komana-1099, Sehithwa-1027, Chanoga-849, Makalamabedi-1153 and Kauxwi-213,” Mothobi indicated  adding that 679 plots have been approved for Chanoga by June 2022.

According to her, the challenges they are faced with among others include low turnout of applicants to meetings as it takes time and they are re-invited. She added that some applicants already have plots but they need to appear before the board for interview and this she complained delays the process.

Mothobi has highlighted that there were 542 applicants vetted for allocation at Chanoga and 93 have plots whilst at Maun village 960 of the 2636 applicants have plots and at Matsaudi village,1 28 of 1127 applicants have plots. She added that, at Matlapana, 181 of the 1078 applicants had plots.


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