Tapson Strums His Guitar Against Adversity


The legendary Maun born guitarist Gaoabiwe Tapson, has revealed that despite his fame, he has been forced to volunteer for performances because promoters are not booking him.

“The current state of my artistry is challenging,” Tapson shared. “With CDs no longer the go-to medium for music release, I struggle to adapt to uploading content online. Although some offer assistance, the results have been minimal.”

Compounding Tap’s struggle, is the inaccessibility of event flyers for him, due to the fact that he is visually impaired. This, has and continues to prevent him from seizing opportunities that could elevate his career.

Tapson’s issue was compounded by the fact that even when event organisers upload open call flyers for events they are not accessible to him due to his condition and this leads to missing out on opportunities that could grow his career and reach.

Tapson, revealed that his journey into music began in his youth, captivated by guitar melodies he heard over the radio. He then self-taught on an improvised guitar from his older siblings, known as a Motontonyane. Only later did he have access and started self-teaching on how to play a guitar.

After years, he honed his skills through local artists and cultural influences. Despite being blind, his innate musical talent guided him through the challenges, leading him to become not only a musician but also a producer and songwriter.

Despite the setbacks, Tapson remains steadfast in his passion for music. “Creating an income from my art is difficult, but I persevere because of my love for the craft,” he affirmed. Adding, that his primary source of income when it comes to his craft are street performances which he is popularly known to perform and show his art by Delta spar in New Mall, Maun.

Tapson’s upcoming album, ‘Ke Leboga Modimo,’ promises to captivate audiences with its emotive tracks, including a tribute to the tragic Easter accident in South Africa, which led to the passing of 45 people and one survivor. Sung in Setswana, his native language, his music delves into societal issues and human experiences, offering a relatable narrative to listeners.

Tapson further revealed his hopes to release music into a larger audience inside and out of Botswana to reach a market that he believes could broaden his horizons. He pleaded to the public to assist him in his artistic endeavors.

As Tapson continues to navigate the challenges of the music industry, his resilience and dedication serve as an inspiration to aspiring musicians everywhere. Despite the obstacles, his unwavering commitment to his craft ensures that his music will continue to touch hearts and uplift spirits for years to come.


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