Sporting Activities Billed For Festive Season


  • Shakawe to host horse race
  • Chanoga’s annual sports tournament returns

Okavango residents will be treated to a fun-filled Christmas day as jockeys from the region will showcase their prowess in horse riding in the Shakawe horse race. In Chanoga, near Maun, sports lovers will immense themselves in annual sports tournament.

Shakawe horse race was first held in 2017, and then 2018, but was halted from 2019 to 2021 due to Covid-19. This year’s event will be divided into three categories – 400m, 800m and 1.2km and it will feature only horse riders within the Okavango region.

Chairperson of the Shakawe Horse race organising committee, Morena Ngande has said through the event, they intend to raise funds for the less privileged members within their community. He said that the funds will be raised through gate takings, jockeys’ registration fees and donations from individuals.

He stated that the event also forms part of entertainment and also promotes local tourism. Ngande stated that they are expecting a total of 20 horses to take part in the competition, adding that winners will be awarded trophies and medals to appreciate their participation.

According to Ngande, the event will boost the local economy, as small businesses will be selling their products and services at the venue.

Meanwhile, Chanoga village will host Chanoga Sports Tournament (CHASTO) from 24 December to 01 January 2023.The tournament is expected to enhance sport tourism in the village, and also to turn the village into a destination of choice during the festive season. It is also anticipated to attract spectators from across the country who usually visit the village during the festive season for music festivals.

The tournament which is on its 9th edition will attract eight football teams and eight netball teams from Chanoga village and the surrounding areas.

Registered football teams are New Wave (Chanoga), Desert Fox (Chanoga), Soccer Kings(Chanoga), Young Stars (Makalamabedi), Zamalek (Makalamabedi), All Stars (Maun), Millennium(Maun) and Magakabe (Bothatogo).

The registered netball teams are New Wave (Chanoga), Desert Fox (Chanoga), Big Pot(Chanoga), Makawana (Phuduhudu), Wild Cats (Maun), Untouchable Queens (Maun), Delta Birds(Maun) and Magakabe (Bothatogo).

The tournament’s Brand and Marketing Officer Mokeresete Mokeresete has said they started the tournament after realising there were no sport activities in Chanoga, adding this prompted them to use the tournament to enhance the image of the village where tourism is concerned.

Mokeresete stated that the tournament also intends to motivate the youth to get involved in sports, while those older to  form part of the administration of the tournament. Mokeresete has assured that this year’s tournament will be bigger as compared to the previously held in terms of organisation, prize money and sponsorships involved.

“Yoli clothing will award kits to the winning teams, while Rivoliyer Holdings has allocated an amount of P20 000 to run the administrative tasks of the tournament while Builders World will donate the balls to be used during the tournament,” said Mokeresete.

He stated that they are still in negotiations with other sponsors to support the event.


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