Silversky – The Undisputed Champion Of Ma-Sa Easter Cup Horse Race


At the inaugural Maun-Samedupi (MA-SA) Easter Cup held in Samedupi over the holidays, a horse named Silversky owned by Gothophemang Alone from Takatokwane in the Kweneng district displayed equine prowess, winning both the 2400 m and 1600 m races.

Silvesky’s dominance and unmatched form secured its place as the undisputed champion, and the spectators’ favourite.

Not far behind, another formidable contender emerged in Oteng Vissagie’s horse which secured the second position in the grand race. The thrilling battle for supremacy unfolded as Western by Pass of Motokwe and Super jet and Secretariat, both hailing from Motokwe, vied for third and fourth places respectively.

The event featured a thrilling lineup of ten races. Among these, two races showcased the Tswana breed, two cross breeds, and six celebrated the elegance of Thoroughbred horses. The grand race, where Silver Sky soared to victory, epitomised the spirit of competition.

In the 800m Thoroughbred, Boisterous Body owned by Gothophemang Alone from Takatokwane got position 1 while Kabo Medupi’s let’s do it horse got second position (all from Botswana). The 1000 m Thoroughbred, Kiss My Dust of Botswana got first position while Namibia got second and third through Extreme Pain and Mambo Express while Botswana got fourth through Boisterous Body.

For the 1200m, Woodlands Fairy and Action Time, both from Namibia got first and second respectively while Kiss My Dust of Botswana got third. The Namibian          dominance continued in the 1400, with Action Time, Extreme Wonder and Falcon got first, third and fourth respectively and Botswana ‘Perfectly Put settled for the second spot.

Meanwhile, the owners of the Racing Park have set sights on a transformative journey, planned over the four years with a steadfast commitment to quality and sustainability. The event manager Tico Otukile revealed that the project aims to elevate the racing experience and promises an exhilarating future for horse racing fanatics.

Otukile further indicated that the cornerstone of the project involves constructing permanent facilities that enhance comfort and functionality. These include a haven for distinguished guests, ensuring their utmost enjoyment adding that a cutting edge performance stage seamlessly integrated into the racing arena will be set.

“We will construct ablutions, a modern restroom facility that prioritise hygiene and convenience as well as a state of the art accommodations for our equine stars,” indicating that they are working on making sure that the security and access control for reserved exclusively for VIPs, this stand ensures their well-being during the races.

Otukile further revealed that they will introduce emergency personnel and police officers within the racing field. Vigilant security team will be on hand to safeguard the park and its patrons adding that to thwart any pilferage, the security system will collect cash after each event, ensuring every penny reaches its rightful place.

 Despite encountering a few hurdles, the inaugural MASA horse race was deemed a resounding success with Tico Otukile expressed satisfaction with the event’s outcome, emphasised the importance of creating a seamless experience for attendees.

“We ensured multiple entry points, allowing spectators easy access. Our commitment extends to both the spectators and the dedicated horse owners.” he explained.


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