Shamukuni Acknowledges Social Workers For Transforming Lives


Social workers continue to play a transformative role in driving positive change and fostering communities that thrive on mutual respect and sustainability despite the myriad of challenges they are faced with.

This was said by Justice minister, who is also Member of Parliament for Chobe, Machana Shamukuni during the world social work day (WSD) commemoration and second social work symposium that was in Kasane last week. The event was held under the theme “A Shared Future for Transformative Change”

He stated that Social Work is complex and challenging profession which spearheads positive responses, in this era where social ills at individual, family, school, workplace and the society in general are rife.

According to Shamukuni, the event is very important as it honors the tireless efforts and unwavering dedication of social workers who are the silent heroes, working tirelessly behind the scenes to uplift the most vulnerable among societies.

Shamukuni noted that the government recognises the contribution of Social Workers to Botswana’s social development agenda through their various and diverse interventions which include case work, community development and social protection.

 He stated that the contribution of social workers in economic income generating projects, social justice and human rights, social policy, clinical services, grief and bereavement counseling, Supportive counseling, and Psycho-social Therapy amongst others is also commendable.

“We acknowledge that social workers play a key role in advocating for the needs and rights of those whose voices are often less heard by our society. Last year, my ministry in collaboration with stakeholders and development partners undertook and launched a research on child friendly justice system. I am happy to acknowledge that social workers took a significant role in this initiative, and I motivate that as the custodians of the Children’s Act, you will remain key engineers towards the implementation of recommendations associated with this noble initiative,” he said.

Shamukuni said that the Social Workers role as the first point for intervention, in resolving cases of GBV and promote reporting of child related matters to fast track the prosecution and court processes is highly critical.

 “The role of social workers has shifted over the last few years and continues to evolve to match the rapid changes of the 21st to better address the needs of communities. This is achieved by supporting self-development and embracing technology in their interventions, and interactions to facilitate easier access to services and increased reach. Advocacy for provision of the requisite resources to facilitate such access has therefore become a priority and needs to be pursued,” he said. 

For her part, BONASW President Moitshepi Dibotlhale said the event was critical for social workers across the globe to recognise their contributions across the globe, they have to recognise their contributions to individuals, families, communities and the wider society.

Dibotlhale noted that the overall objectives of the WSD and social work symposium include creating a platform for social workers to interpret their work, reflect and discuss progress and achievements made in the execution of their work. She said that the event also enables them to reaffirm their commitment in their principles to serve, collaborate as different sectors in the social services and for the protection of human rights.


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