‘Sensing Clues’ Revolutionise Solutions To Poaching


… and illegal logging

A notable figure in the conservation technology sector, Dr. Jan Kees Schakel has shared his remarkable journey and the impactful solutions his company offers to mitigate issues of poaching and illegal logging.

Schakel has developed cloud-based technology dubbed ‘Sensing Clues’ which leverages advanced technology to create risk maps that help predict and manage environmental threats such as illegal logging and poaching.

These maps are dynamic, evolving with real-time data to identify high-risk areas for various environmental issues. By providing this actionable information, Sensing Clues enables conservationists to optimize their efforts, focusing on areas with the greatest need and potential impact.

The tool is accessible via mobile applications, allowing users to work both online and offline. This flexibility ensures that conservation teams can collect and utilise data even in remote locations, enhancing the effectiveness of their operations.

“Whether you’re in the middle of a forest or a bustling city, our tools are designed to work seamlessly,” Schakel noted. “You can gather data offline and sync it once you’re back online.”

Sensing Clues operates in numerous countries across several continents. In Europe, they have projects in Romania, Ukraine, Spain, and the Netherlands. In Africa, they work in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their reach extends to India and Latin America, including Colombia and Brazil. This extensive footprint demonstrates the adaptability and scalability of their solutions.

Although not yet active in Botswana, Sensing Clues remains open to future collaborations. The organization’s strategy focuses on supporting conservation projects wherever they arise, emphasizing the global applicability of their technology. “We go where the projects are,” Schakel said. “Our technology is cloud-based, so as long as there’s an internet connection, we can support conservation efforts anywhere.”

Schakel underscored the importance of a collaborative approach to conservation. He believes that effective conservation requires diverse skills and disciplines, akin to an army—not in the military sense, but as a large, coordinated team working towards a common goal. By harnessing technology and fostering partnerships, Sensing Clues aims to provide comprehensive solutions that address the multifaceted challenges of environmental protection.

As Sensing Clues continues to expand its global reach, its efforts promise to drive significant, positive change in the fight to preserve our planet’s natural resources. “We’re just getting started,” he concluded. “With the right tools and collaborative efforts, we can make a real difference in protecting our environment for future generations.”


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