‘School Bus Donation Impacts Positive Learning’


Shorobe Primary School’s head of department Peggy Moloi has revealed that the donation of a school bus by Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation to the school three years ago has transformed learning in a positive way, translating into improved results.

The school bus was donated to transport pupils from settlements outside Shorobe, who had to walk long distances to school in areas with roaming wildlife, especially elephants.

The school bus was donated in April 2021, and the foundation is responsible for its maintenance, fuel and the driver’s wages.

Moloi further added that the school bus has come in handy as students always look forward to going to school. She highlighted that students are also able concentrate in class rather than when they used to travel long distances to school and failed to concentrate in school. 

Before the donation, Shorobe Primary is said to have experienced high school drop outs with majority of them being children from Mochaba settlement. The main reason for the drop out is said to have been caused by the human elephant conflict this is as the road which leads to Shorobe is located in an elephant corridor.

Moloi indicated that in order to provide a safe learning environment for children, Elephant Heavens Wildlife Foundation did not only stop at donating the school bus, but also recently refurbished 6 classrooms in their school.

“The foundation came to our rescue after our classrooms had become a health hazard to the school community due to bats infestation,” Moloi said.

She indicated that the foundation which has since adopted the school is doing an outstanding job in terms of creating a conducive learning environment for learners.

Elephants Haven Foundation’s Director Boago Poloko was grateful that their donation served its purpose which has always been to address the challenge of school pupils who walked through elephant corridors which put their lives at risk and arriving at school very tired. He said their level of concentration was thus affected as they also had to think of long walk back home.

He indicated that it is imperative to see communities living in wildlife prone areas benefiting to ensure that they are able to sustainably manage and co-exist. He noted that by donating the school bus, the foundation ensured that Shorobe community and its catchment areas also benefit from wildlife they co-exist with.

Poloko announced that their next project for the school is to refurbish the water based toilets in an effort to meet the government half way to ensure that children cease using pit latrines.

“We will refurbish the two blocks and build one similar block which will compromise of 4 boys toilets, 4 girls toilets and a washing basin,” Poloko revealed.


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