Salvation Choir Steals The Show At The North Regional Competitions


In a competition filled with electrifying performances, Salvation Choir from Maun emerged as the stand out victors at the Maun (North) regional competitions of the national arts festival. This highly anticipated event, which introduced the thrilling new Clap and Tap category, set the stage for what promises to be a memorable National Arts Festival finals in Gaborone.

The Salvation Choir’s triumph was the culmination of months of relentless practice and dedication. Conductor Tathego Kupembona couldn’t hide her excitement as she praised her team.

“We are thrilled with our performance. We’ve been working tirelessly, often through sleepless nights to perfect our act. I want to thank the team for their unwavering commitment and intense work ethic. This victory marks the beginning of our journey, and I am confident that in the finals, we will illuminate the village of Maun and our church with our talent,” Kupembona enthused.

The climax of the competition was undoubtedly the Clap and Tap category, which was met with profound excitement from the audience. Every group received enthusiastic standing ovations, but the energy soared to new heights when the Salvation Choir took the stage. The crowd’s anticipation was so intense that even the MCs had difficulty calming them down. As the choir launched into their stirring rendition of “Jesu kreste Ke Seboko Sa Rona,” the reason for the mounting excitement became crystal clear.

At the performance’s peak, Kupembona made a dramatic move to the stage’s edge, leading the choir in a flawless, military-like formation. The transition into a synchronized clap, combined with Kupembona’s commanding presence and electrifying poise, left the audience in awe. It was a powerful display of discipline and artistry, underscoring the choir’s exceptional talent. Lesedi La Morena and DK’s Choir came out second and third respectively.

The North Regional Competitions were a showcase of diverse artistic talents, featuring categories such as Mogolokwane (Ululations), Traditional and Contemporary Poetry, and Choral performances. Talents from across the region, from Kasane to Maun, competed fiercely, with the Mogolokwane category drawing the most contestants. Marei Ramonna’s victory in this category was a highlight, as her ululations performance demonstrated both cultural depth and technical prowess.

“I am overjoyed by this win and am confident that I can triumph in the finals,” Ramonna declared.

Another standout moment was delivered by Keoikantse Kegotsitse in the Contemporary Poetry category. Her piece, exploring the profound impact of art’s role as the voice of the human experience, captivated the audience. Her repetitive stanza, “Art is in the heart,” resonated deeply, earning her top honors.

“I am proud of myself for winning this time and promise to deliver another winning performance in the finals,” Kegotsitse vowed.

As the North Regional Competitions concluded, the focus now shifts to the National Arts Festival finals in Gaborone. The Salvation Choir, along with other talented performers, will take the stage once more aiming to showcase their extraordinary abilities on a national platform. The anticipation is high, and if the regional performances are any indication, the finals are set to be an unforgettable celebration of artistic excellence.


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