Resigning Cllrs Not In Good Standing And Dodging Primaries- Kekgonegile


Troubled Botswana Congress Party (BCP) which has recently experienced a mass resignation of sitting councillors across the country, who have preferred to remain BCP members says it is unfazed, and has shared some of the factors leading to the resignations.

The party has seen 15 out of 75 of its councillors countrywide leaving the party with more anticipated to also leave in the near future. Some councillors are said to have long showed signs that they will resign as they never participated in any of the party’s campaign activities. 

The party’s Secretary General Goretetse Kekgonegile told The Ngami Times in an interview that the resigning councillors are avoiding subscription arrears which have accumulated over time while also dodging the party’s primary elections.

Kekgonegile noted that when analysing the resignations, it turned out that some of the councillors are those who have a large amount of outstanding monthly membership fees which they failed to pay religiously over time.

Kekgonegile said the councillors know that the party will not allow them to contest in its primary elections before clearing arrears. He explained that as per the party’s constitution, for one to be able to contest for its primary elections they should be members in good standing.

Kekgonegile added that another factor which has resulted to the mass resignation of their councillors to remain members of the Umbrella for Democratic Change was because they have been given incumbency advantage and will not necessarily go through primary elections.

Furthermore, the secretary general claimed that some of those councillors who have resigned are those who have not been delivering their promise of serving and developing their wards after being elected into office. He said the latter then opted out when challenged by the party on their promises.

“Another group of councillors who have resigned are long standing ones who have served around 15 to 20 years, they have left the party because electorates these days believe in change of representation,” Kekgonegile added.

He noted that though the party has lost in terms of numbers and membership all is not lost as they have already identified individuals who will be taking over the wards. He indicated that the candidates are already in the ground preparing for political deployment.

In the North West Region, the BCP has lost councillor for Khwai/Mababe, Kebareeditse Ntsogotho who is also chairman of the North West District Council (NWDC). Another BCP member, Tiego Mpho also followed suit this week.

Though they have not confirmed nor denied, the duo is reportedly eyeing the Maun West and North constituencies with Ntsogotho expected to face his former comrade, Dumelang Saleshando while Tiego will challenge Caterpillar Hikuama. 


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