Remarkable Journey For Maun Terrors


‘Terreble’ Terrors crowned Maun Stream Division 1 League champions’

Following a 1- 0 defeat against Wild Dogs in Shorobe on Saturday, Maun Terrors have been crowned champions of the Maun Stream Division 1 League 2023-2024 season and are heading to the Nhabe Regional Playoffs that will be held in Shakawe on the 15th-16th June 2024.

‘Terreble’ Terrors have won the league win 61 points and among the 27 games they have played, they have won 18, drew seven and lost two. Since being relegated from the Debswana First Division North League in the 2021/2022 season to the lower Division league, Terrors has never headed to the playoff stages.

From the Shakawe Stream, Ndundu FC have been crowned the champions while the winners of Gumare Stream will be determined this weekend.

Maun Terrors Secretary General Alogang Radihephi has said the 2023-2024 season has been a remarkable journey for the team, marked by significant growth and achievement. Radihephi said that comparing the season with the previous one, they saw improvements across several key areas that include team performance, community engagement and operational efficiency.

“Firstly, we focused on strengthening our team dynamics and we brought in experienced coaches and implemented a more rigorous training regimen, which paid off in terms of on field-performance. Our players’ dedication and hard work resulted in better teamwork and more consistent game outcomes,” he said.

He emphasised that community support played a crucial role as well, citing that they engaged with their supporters through various outreach programs and events, increasing attendance and fostering a stronger sense of belonging. He stressed that this was a stark contrast to the previous season, where engagement was relatively low.

According to him, in overall the key to their success was a combination of strategic planning, community involvement and relentless effort from everyone involved with Maun Terrors. He said that by building on the lessons learned from the previous season, they were able to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Radihephi has revealed that as a team, their plan going forward is to focus on rebuilding and strengthening their team both on and off the field. He stated that some of the key steps that they intend to take in order to achieve their plan include, talent development, signing experienced players, improving coaching staff and facilities, community engagement and strategic partnerships.

As part of their preparations for the regional playoffs, Radihephi has expressed that they have focused into intensive training sessions to sharpen their skills and team work. He stated that they are also analysing their opponents’ strengths and weakness, developing games and strategies tailored to counter their tactics. Radihephi said that they are also preparing players mentally, reviewing and reflecting on their previous games.

Times Sport also reached out to Shakawe Stream defending champions Ndundu FC for an interview, where the team Coach Baboloki Chalashika said they are ready to face their opponents and confident that his players will deliver good results.

‘‘The league was very tough this season, we won it with only one point ahead of The Lords Sporting Club that got the second position, but having experienced players contributed a very important role in our victory and we believe that they will also perform well going forward,’’ said Chalashika.


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