Rehabilitation Centres Receive A Mobile Clinic


Government has handed over a mobile rehabilitation clinic to Tshidilo Stimulation Centre in Maun and Sekgele Training Home Society in Gumare to help service people living with disabilities in the district.

Senior consultant in the health ministry Dr Morrison Sinvula, last week officially launched the clinic which he explained will offer physiotherapy, orthopedics, school readiness assessment and counseling service with trained personnel for those different professions.

The clinic is custom made with parallel bars and hydraulic lift which will be able to lift someone in a wheel chair into the clinic as well as take him or her down. It also has solar electricity use options for use where there is no grid power.  

Sinvula added that the clinic also provides enough clean drinking water for more than 20 patients per day. The mobile clinic can traverse different terrains and can access far flung areas. According to him, the mobile clinic was procured at a total cost of P3 825 823.04.  

Sinvula commended Tshidilo and Sekgele management for their zeal and perseverance to realise their dream to improve the lives of people with disabilities in the region. “Though they managed to win, the journey was long and marred with some barriers of Covid – 19, escalating prices owing to the Russia-Ukraine war and shortage of steel in the market,” Dr Sinvula noted.

Sinvula has since encouraged the NGO’s to continue working towards bridging the gap in service provision and also engage with the government at all levels.

Tshidilo Stimulation Centre Board Chairperson Seoka Kenosi appreciated that the mobile clinic came at the time when they needed it the most. He noted that the clinic will enable to follow many of their clientele to their respective homes.

He applauded the Ministry of Health and Wellness for acceding to their proposal to help them with the clinic despite the pandemic having affected government financially.

As the two centers experience similar challenges on a daily basis, Kenosi said they found it fit to address their problem together hence the need for a shared mobile Rehabilitation Clinic emerged.

Tshidilo Stimulation Centre and Sekgele Training Home Society share the same objectives, among them; to provide the service according to the individual’s needs mainly at the Centre or at homes through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR). They also provide therapy/treatment and referral of people with disability who are devoid of adequate family support system.


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