Projects With Potential To Address Poverty In Tcheku


Following an NG13 Hunting Concession Management Plan Scooping Report which highlighted the high levels of unemployment and poverty, a management plan has been developed which recommends seven projects which anticipated to create around 70 jobs in the Kaputura, Tobera and Kyecia settlements.

According to Sesu Holdings managing director Innocent Magole among the projects recommended, is the construction of a water abstraction pipeline from Kauxwi (Okavango River) to Kaputura and onwards to Tobera. The pipeline he noted will be used for commercial irrigation of vegetables and fruit trees. Magole indicated the two projects will both cost around P2.6 million.

“The irrigation scheme which will produce 10000 litters per day for irrigation of a 5-hectare plot in both Kaputura and Tobere where hectare 1 will be for fruit trees, hectare 2 (cereal) maize, hectare 3 (cereal) millet and sorghum, 4th hectare Legumes and vegetables on the 5th hectare,” he revealed.

Magole noted that Kyecia will however use a 2 hectare area since it will be using a borehole for irrigation. He indicated that 0.25 hectares will be for fruit trees,0.5 cereal(maize),0.5 cereal (sorgum,pumpkin),0.75 Legumes and 0.25 hectares will be used for vegetables. According to the director, the project will create 15 job opportunities each for Tobere and Kaputura while Kyecia residents will get around seven job opportunities from the horticultural farming.

The plan has also recommended for a cattle ranch to be constructed in the area which will create 10 jobs for residents of the three villages and diversify the local economy. Vegetation clearance of roads in the area which is also among the projects will  create 10 job opportunities for residents.

“Our scooping report plan also revealed that there is no household with a toilet in both villages hence we recommend construction of family unit pit latrine of 6 toilets in Kaputura, 10 Tobere and 4 in Kyecia,” Magole added. He indicated that cconstruction of these toilets  will create around 8 job opportunities for the villagers and also improve sanitation as well as hygiene.

Another project recommended is manufacturing of elephant dung toilet paper in the three villages. The plan recommends that since there is an already existing small business that produces elephant dung paper products, Tcheku Community Trust should contribute towards the capitalisation of the project. The company suggested that since the programme is run by youth they should then seek funding from government’s Youth Development Fund programme.

Ngamiland Council of Non-Governmental Organisation (NCONGO) is tasked in overseeing the development of the NG 13 hunting concession by linking the consultant, Sesu Holdings with Tcheku Community Trust as the client to ensure a smooth development of the management plan within time and budget. NCONGO, Tcheku trust and Sesu Holding also work together with Maun Administrative Authority Technical Advisory Committee and Okavango Sub District Technical Advisory Committees as government representatives.


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