Private Abattoirs Accused Of Aiding Stock Theft


While cases of stock theft are skyrocketing across the country, residents of Shashe Bridge in Maun have made startling allegations that private abattoirs aid stock theft and are not held accountable for receiving and slaughtering stolen cattle.

Speaking during a Kgotla meeting addressed by Maun West Member of Parliament, Dumelang Saleshando this week, the residents took turns sharing on how some stolen cattle were found by their owners lined up for slaughter at the abattoirs, owing to there being no strict measures in place to ascertain the contrary.

They have pleaded with the police to hold abattoirs accountable for receiving and slaughtering stolen cattle.  This according to the residents BPS will help arrest cattle thieves who have been tormenting cattle farmers across the district.

BPS has been grappling with increasing cases of stock theft particularly cattle which led to the formation of an anti-stock theft operation dubbed Kgomo Khumo which its main focus was to deal with cases of stock theft. Despite attempts made by the unit to combat stock theft, cattle rustlers are said to be finding their way around to steal from farmers and sell to butcheries.

Speaking during a Kgotla meeting this week a concerned farmer Timmo Kangotui suggested that if the abattoirs are also held accountable of receiving cattle which have not been registered or are not as described by the permit then cattle theft will always be a challenge.

He noted that since his cattle post is located near an abattoir he recently found one of his cows in the abattoir kraals about to be slaughtered without his knowledge nor consent.

“When I enquired about the cow I was told that I cannot stop the cow from being slaughtered, I was practically deprived of my rights to my cow by the thieves with the involvement of the abattoirs,” Kangotui said.

He further noted that he was not the only victim of this new and cruel trend of stock theft. Kangotui emphasised that the police should not only focus on butcheries alone, as culprits always find ways for stolen cattle to land in abattoirs.

Kangotui pleaded with abattoirs in Ngamiland to ensure that they make a thorough check of cattle sales permits issued by the veterinary and police officers to ensure that they do not find themselves handling stolen cattle.

He further called for police presence at abattoirs on daily basis to ensure cattle that come in for slaughter have been issued permits for.

“I was able to locate my cow by being at the abattoir, which is how most farmers have been able to locate theirs before slaughter. Through this and keeping an eye on butcheries I believe we will manage to tackle the situation,” Kangotui said.

Another farmer Kagiso Gaborekwe shared the same sentiments and was of the view that the police can erect a check point at the abattoir entrances for easy control of cattle entering the abattoir.


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