Police Stand Ready To Ensure Safe Holidays


The police have, once again as has become norm on the eve of all the holidays, promised to be ready to ensure that the Easter Holiday which start today are safe and crime free.

In interviews this week, the Maun and Gumare Police station commanders revealed their preparedness in combating crimes and ensuring the roads are safe during these holidays. The Maun Police Station Commander Dennis Zilawe emphasised the proactive measures put in place.

“We have prepared well on time and have well-planned deployments set around Maun and surrounding areas, with heavy presences around the major leisure events such as the upcoming horse races and other significant gatherings.”

Acknowledging the anticipated surge in traffic, Zilawe highlighted the importance of adhering to road laws, maintaining road-worthy vehicles, and taking necessary rest breaks during long journeys as necessary steps for drivers to prioritise their own safety on the road.

Gumare Police’s Superintendent Chenamo Orateng has called on drivers who will be on the roads to refrain from driving while under the influence of alcohol. He added that these drivers should ensure their safety and rest and recover before they decide embark on a journey.

Additionally, Orateng advised members of public preparing to go on long trips for church gatherings to hire public transport and avoid hitch hiking.

He further advised that those going to church gatherings should allow their drivers to have adequate rest before he or she transports them back to their respectable locations.

Additionally, Zilawe cautioned residents to remain vigilant against potential house break-ins during the Easter holidays. He advised taking precautions such as leaving someone to look after their properties when leaving town, collaborating in neighborhood watches, and staying alert to deter potential burglaries.

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, the Botswana Police Service’s proactive measures and commitment to public safety stand as a reassuring presence for Batswana. Through strategic deployments, traffic management, and community engagement initiatives, they aim to mitigate risks and ensure a secure environment for all.

As residents prepare to celebrate, it’s imperative to heed the advice of law enforcement, remain vigilant, and prioritize safety measures. By working together, both authorities and citizens can contribute to a peaceful and enjoyable Easter holiday for everyone.


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