Poetavango Unveils Botswana’s Artistic Tapestry


Nhabe Museum played host to lit and intimate performances brought to light by Poetavango dubbed under the Poetree. The organisation’s first event of the year brought a collaborative new artistic direction that left the audience thrilled, and yearning for more.

The event showcased a collaborative artistic vision that redefined performance art, drawing inspiration from Shakespearean theatre and weaving it seamlessly with modern multimedia storytelling by the visionary Yrneh Gabon Brown.

The first act of the event: Land Acknowledgement was  a mesmerising ensemble musical performance by Ms Gee and Zelda, followed by a captivating duo act by AnthXny and Tumka, celebrating Botswana’s rich tapestry of ethnicities and identities. Each act unfolded like a love letter to the nation’s history, inviting the audience on a journey of self-reflection and cultural appreciation.

As the night progressed, the stage came alive with a diverse array of voices, from Mr Poke’s impassioned activism to AnthXny’s soul-stirring expressions of love with his poem ‘Moratiwa’ amongst a few. With each poem peeled back layers of emotion, baring their souls with every word, until they stood raw and vulnerable, offering glimpses into their innermost selves.

The climax of the evening came with Yrneh Gabon’s poignant poem, “Blood-A-Run,” shedding light on the plight of people with albinism in Tanzania. Inspired by real-world events of the atrocious murders of people with albinism for unfounded ritualistic purposes. Gabon’s performance served as a powerful call to action, reminding us of the importance of empathy and solidarity in the face of injustice.

Gabon later revealed that the event was made possible by generous sponsorships, including support from the Woodstock family in New York. Their sponsors contributions not only provided lodging for the artists but also enabled Poetavango to extend tokens of appreciation to performers like Tumku and Nicodemus, further fueling their artistic endeavors.

Reflecting on the success of the evening, Legodile ‘Dread X’ Seganabeng, the driving force behind Poetavango, expressed his enthusiasm for future chapters of Under the Poetree. “This event was a milestone in our artistic journey,” he remarked, urging the audience to stay tuned for Chapter 2.

Chapter 1 of Under the Poetree left its mark on the hearts of the 70 attendees, sparking a hunger for more. It was evident that this event had set the stage for a new era of artistic exploration, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Botswana’s cultural heritage. As the lights dimmed and the applause faded, one thing was certain – under the poetree had illuminated not only the stage but also the souls of all who witnessed its brilliance.


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