Plots Await Approval For Allocation -Tawana Land Board


In its efforts to meet the demand of land as evidenced by the growing waiting lists in the district, Tawana Land Board has revealed that it has a lot of plots which are at different stages leading to allocation.

Such stages are approved layouts pending Surveying and layouts submitted to department of surveys and mapping (DSM) for examination and approval. This was recently revealed by the board’s chairman, Emmanuel Dube during his year-end party.

He said most of the layouts in the districts are still pending the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) clearance. However, he indicated that there as some of those which have been waived and are due for surveying.

Dube indicated that the surveying of a total of 1747 plots has been outsourced to private practitioners in Tsau, Somelo, Makakung and Semboyo. Tsau he noted has 344 plots, Somelo 703, Makakung 248 and Semboyo 452.

Dube further revealed that they have a total of 3257 plots layouts which have been submitted to the department of surveys and mapping for examination and approval. The process he indicated will then be followed by allocation.

“Maun has 393 plots, Shakawe 395, Gumare 483, Mohembo 255, Qangwa 276 and Chanoga 1242. A layout containing 213 plots for Kauxwi was approved and received on 23/11/2022, it is ready for allocation.  The allocation will be done on 13-15/12/2022,” the chairman added.

Meanwhile Dube has noted that the total waiting list for both residential and ploughing fields in all their sub-land boards currently stands at 73276 and 25639 respectively. As for residential plots Maun stands at 46171, Sehithwa 8796, Nokaneng 63, Gumare 5978, Shakawe 8777 and Seronga 2923. For ploughing fields Maun stands at 14390, Sehithwa 5847, Nokaneng 553, Gumare 1992, Shakawe 1578 and Seronga 1279.

In terms of allocation, Dube revealed that out of the 9335 plots which were readily available for allocation in April to July 2022, a total of 7283 has so far been allocated. He pointed out that the board has not reached the target due to some instances of people who do not turn up for board interviews.

“Maun Sub Land Board has to date since April 2022 this year allocated 4740 plots in Makalamabedi-468, Matsaudi-822, Matlapana-627, Maun-1851, Chanoga-948 and Komana-25,” the chairman revealed.

He added that Sehithwa Sub Land Board has allocated 542 residential plots in the village since April 2022 to date and that the board had 413 plots that were to be allocated in Sehithwa from the 28th November to 2nd December 2022.

Dube noted that Nokaneng Sub Land Board has since April 2022 allocated 36 plots, with 31 in Nokaneng and 5 in Qangwa. He added that Gumare Sub Land Board has since April 2022 allocated 498 plots in Gumare (367), Etsha 6 (121), Nxaunxau (10).

“There are 8 plots without takers in Nxaunxau and there is no application list in that village,” Dube noted.

Seronga Sub Land Board he said has since April 2022 allocated 85 plots in Beetsha (37), Kauxwi (9), Ngarange (27) and Mokgacha (12). Dube added that Shakawe Sub Land Board has since April 2022 allocated 1382 plots in Shakawe (1372) and Tsodilo (10).

“There are 51 plots without takers in Tsodilo village and there is no application list in that village.”


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