Planning Commission Engages Maun Leadership


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The newly established National Planning Commission was in Maun this week to engage with various stakeholders for some briefings on the mandate of the commission.

As part of these engagements with various stakeholders, a meet and greet session was held with the local authorities to further share the mandate of the commission and the areas of collaboration in future engagements.

The NPC was constituted as a key aspect of the mind-set change of the Reset Agenda towards our long journey of creating value, while working through the short and long terms of achieving prosperity for all as championed in the Vision 2036.

The commission also used the opportunity to hand over donations to the regional education authorities, which mainly comprised of toiletries which included more than 500 toiletry pads.

The commission, as highlighted by its Commissioner General Batho Molomo, was established with functions of the then National Strategy Office, Government Implementation Coordination Office, Vision 2036 coordinating agency and planning sector from the then ministry of finance.

He highlighted that the commission was tasked with overall mandate of leading the drafting of national development plans, national strategy development and the implementation and performance monitoring and evaluation. 

Molomo said the commission has since realised and recommended the need for development plans at all levels to be aligned to the national election cycle, with the aim to give those elected into office of authority to own their plans.

This would allow for political leaders to own the plans, and projects there to, which would lead to effective implementation with the needed will.

Molomo further noted that the commission endeavours to work will all stakeholders in the sphere of developments plans, implementation, monitoring and implementation to ensure cohesion.

Meanwhile North District Council (NWDC) Chairman Kebadiretse Ntsogotho applauded the commission for its efficiency as it has hit the ground running, adding that it has already met with many stakeholders in its advocacy and communication on its existence.

He further highlighted that the commission has a mammoth task of mobilising all stakeholders, including ordinary Batswana to take ownership and support development plans and ensure successful implementation.

He further commended the commission for its foresight in having plans are aligned to the elections cycle, to ensure the political agenda of aligns with developments. Ntsogotho said this will help incorporate the road maps for elected office bearers with developments during their terms. He said this will be key in having plans achieved within the time frames set.


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