Over 9 000 Residential Plots Ready For Allocation In Ngamiland


Tawana Land Board will this financial year allocate a total of 9 428 residential plots in their different areas of jurisdiction in Ngamiland.

Opening the North West District Council full meeting this week, Chairman Kebareeditse Ntsogotho revealed that a total of 2 469 will be allocated in Sexaxa, 1261 in Matlapana, 999 in Matsaudi ,664 in Chanoga, 580 in Makalamabedi, 165 in Komana, 715 in Gumare, 422 in Etsha Six, 87 in Tsodilo, 1580 in Shakawe, 249 in Ngarange, and 237 plots in Beetsha.

Ntsogotho stated that in the last financial year the Board had planned to allocate 5 652 residential plots, but only managed to allocate 2 760 and deferred the remaining to the current financial year 2022/23.

According to Ntsogotho, the Board had surveyed 5 020 plots and submitted them for approval to the Director of Surveys and Mapping. In Makalamabedi village 1 153 plots were surveyed, 1 099 in Komana, 1027 in Sehithwa, 213 in Kauxwi/Kaputura and 1 528 plots in Chanoga.

Ntsogotho said the board plans to survey 4 122 newly approved layouts in Nokaneng (238), Gumare (954), Seronga (1475) , Sehithwa (565), Mohembo West (256), Tobera (303) and Qangwa (327).

He further indicated that in terms of land acquisition, the district is targeting to avail land at Shakawe measuring 75.524ha for layouts preparation as part of the development plan.  In Seronga a total of 104 ha for fields will be secured as layout for 1 415 plots while for Maun village acquisition of fields within the village built up area estimated at 500 ha of land will be done.

“The Board has also prepared 10 base maps to be used for preparation of detailed layout plans for the financial year 2022/23. It will also work on preparing additional 9 base maps to be used to plan for land in the 2023/24 financial year,” the chairman revealed.

Still on the issue of land allocation, Ntsogotho has further revealed that there are also detailed layouts plans which have been approved pending Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). The plans, he indicated, have a total of 10 884 plotsout of which, 2 162 plots are in Maun, 3 600 at Sehithwa, 292 at Nokaneng, 1 295 at Gumare, 2 078 at Shakawe while 1 457 plots are at Seronga.

In addition to processing the availability of residential plots, Ntsogotho noted that the Board is assessing the tender for business plots which were advertised in March 2022 and it is expected that the plots will be allocated by September 2022. According to Ntsogotho, in terms of development of agricultural land, the board decided to keep waiting list as per the Botswana Land Policy of 2019 which provides that ploughing fields must be planned and surveyed before allocation where feasible.

“The Board has 2 970 planned plots for Agricultural purposes, the land will be surveyed during the first quarter of the financial year 2022/2023, these ploughing fields are located at Chanoga with 208 fields, 138 fields at Bodibeng, 78 fields at Bothatogo, Etsha 6 has 232 fields and Gumare has 655, whereas there are 731 fields at Xhaoga. In addition, there are 663 fields at Sepopa and Habu has 70 fields as well as 195 fields at Ikoga,” the chairman indicated.


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