Over 3600 Plots To Be Allocated In Kazungula


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Chobe Land Board plans to have allocated a total of 3 634 plots in Kazungula by next month. The village currently which has the highest number applicants in the waiting totalling 11 278 and dating back from 2015.

The plots according to Board Chairman Johane Chenjekwa will be allocated within a period of 36 days that is from February 13th to March 25th.

In an interview, Chenjekwa said the allocation is in line with their target to have allocated a total of 5 269 plots in all Chobe villages, that is from Parakarungu to Pandamatenga by March 25th, against the total waiting list of 22 055.

He noted that last year their focus was on allocating plots in the western side of Chobe, from Mabele to Parakarungu who do not have any waiting lists. He stated that this year they are focusing more on allocating land in the eastern side of the district which comprises of Kazungula, Lesoma and Pandamatenga villages where they also intend to exhaust the waiting list.

Chenjekwa explained that due to the fact that Kazungula is growing rapidly they saw it fit to speed up the land allocation process in that village indicating that last year they allocated 1 300 plots. However, he noted that the area in which they are going to allocate plots at currently does not have services.

Chenjekwa said arrangements will be made to service the plots as time goes on indicating that in the meantime they have engaged the Chobe District Council to upgrade the area. Parliament last year passed a bill that permitted land boards to allocate plots in the areas that are not serviced.

Meanwhile, Chenjekwa has revealed that the waiting list in Lesoma which is a State land currently stands at 7 000 while some applicants have since been allocated plots in Kazungula and other villages. To move the list, the chairman said they have since proposed to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism for them (board) to acquire part of the land in the area for residential allocation.

Chenjekwa added that they have also made progress with regards to the issuance of the Secure Land Tittles revealing that 800 certificates have already been processed.


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