Over 100 Horses For Shashe Horse Race


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Over 100 horses from Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa are expected to compete at tomorrow’s ‘Maun Polo Affair Weekend’ horse race.

During a press conference held in Gaborone recently, the event coordinator Chalebgwa Mabua assured that all is set for the race guaranteeing that the event will be a memorable one.

According to him, jockeys from South Africa, Lesotho and Namibia are expected to be in the country today (Friday). He indicated that racing tracks, horse registrations and clearing of the track as well as its inspection have already been done and ready for tomorrow.

Mabua revealed that the seating capacity for spectators has also been increased to 4000 as well as a parking lot that can accommodate more than 500 vehicles. He further revealed that there will also be air transportation in case of medical emergencies.

“We have also partnered with Helicopter Horizons Company in Maun to ensure availability of air transport to health facilities and safe care in case of emergencies and accidents during the cause of the event,” DC Tours managing director, Lapologang Molemele also added.

In an interview Molemele explained that the event name “Maun Polo Affair’ comes with a great addition and experience at international standards, which he says has changed the look of the race. Molemele added that the event will empower many as they have intended on maximise on the value chain opportunities that comes with hosting the event.

Maun Polo Affair Weekend horse race comes following the fallout between organisers and sponsors of the prominent Mascom Derby. The fallout led to a court case that saw a judgement interdicting Mascom from hosting a similar event until the matter had been addressed. The organisers have since roped in Dc Tours as new main sponsors of the event.

Meanwhile, Maun horse owners recently held a mini-horse race competition at Shashe Horse Racing Track to prepare for tomorrow’s event. The horse owners used the competition which attracted 10 Tswana breed horses from Maun to select best performing horses that will be the ones participating in the upcoming event.


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