Ousted NWDC Leadership Drag Council To Court


  • Ntsogotho, Masoko challenge the legality of the meeting that led to their removal
  • NWDC forced to cancel the continuation of the special meeting
  • Political pundits believe the two’s removal was revenge driven
  • But BCP says the removal was in the best interest of the public
  • BDP regarded the biggest winner in the ousting of Ntsogotho and Masoko

In a new turn of events, former North West District Council (NWDC) Chairman, Kebareeditse Ntsogotho and his Deputy, Lekonne Masoko have reportedly launched a case before the Maun High Court challenging the legality of the Special Full Council Meeting that led to their removal from office on Tuesday.

The two were toppled through a motion of no confidence and were conveniently replaced by BCP Councillor Itumeleng Kelebetseng as chairman deputised by Nico Folae of BDP.

Represented by their attorney, Andrew Johannes, the two have immediately on the same day filed the case before Judge Godfrey Nthomiwa with the respondents on the matter being the council itself (NWDC), new Chairman and his Deputy.

NWDC has since moved to cancel the continuation of the special meeting which was scheduled for today (June 2nd) to avoid being held in contempt of court.

The council had on Tuesday convened a special meeting, whose agenda was said to discuss the current water situation in Maun as well as to get an update on the upgrades of the Maun General Hospital.

However, things took a dramatic turn when, BCP Councillor, Ntlogelang Kebonyekgotla tabled a motion of no confidence against Ntsogotho and his deputy accusing them for having failed to take responsibility in making sure that the hospital is completed.

This is despite the fact the hospital project is under the central government and supervised by the ministry of health, as argued by Bojanala Ward Councillor Luke Motlaleselelo. He also cautioned that the BDP councillors had literally passed a motion of no confidence against its own government.

Political pundits strongly believe that the ouster of Ntsogotho and Masoko from office by councillors of the Botswana Democratic Party and Botswana Congress Party was nothing but politics at play veiled under the pretext of their failure to deliver.

They further posit that both the BDP and the BCP had every motive to oust the UDC duo, saying they were all driven by revenge and further for the BDP it was about making inroads into the North West. They posit that the BCP was revenging the recent resignation of Ntsogotho from its ranks to remain a UDC member.

Both the BDP and BCP have dismissed these arguments as baseless, saying the removal of the duo was in the best interest of the public, as the two had failed in the duties.

That as it may, some believe the biggest winner in the ousting of Ntsogotho and Masoko is the ruling party which they are of the view that it has made serious inroads in North West region.

Some BDP regional party bearers also took to social media to celebrate the removal of the UDC duo from office. In an interview, the party’s regional chairman Reaboka Mbulawa said the BDP used the opportunity to their benefit that came from the ongoing dispute between the BCP and UDC.

The BCP is believed to have connived with BDP to remove the two as evidenced by the votes. Out of 20 councilors who voted for the motion, 10 are BCP members and the other half are from the BDP while those from the UDC abstained from the election.

But the mover of the motion has stressed that the decision was not a political ploy.

“The presentation by the department of building works, development and maintenance has showed that they exhausted all possible way to make sure the contractor completes the project, though their attempts were not fruitful they are visible. Our council led by the Ntsogotho and Masoko has however not showed any visible attempts to ensure that the project is complete for people to have access to health services,” he criticised.

Kebonyekgotla emphasised that on the last full council sitting he called for councillors to reject the chairman’s speech as the refurbishment issue was not addressed. He accused the former leadership for not seeing the project important enough to be addressed.

“Health issues are very important and they affect everyone, every project should appear in the DDC report however the refurbishment of the hospital did not appear, this is because you did not see much importance on it. I therefore with accordance to standing order number 11 resolve to move a motion of no confidence on the chairman and his deputy,” Kebonyekgotla said.

The resolution was supported by BDP councillor Moetetse Mogalakwe who accused Ntsogotho for having been silent about the refurbishment of the hospital until they wrote a letter seeking a special sitting to address the issue. He added that given the importance of the project they expected Ntsogotho and Masoko to make the project one of their priorities.

BCP’s Ngami Member of Parliament, Carter Hikuama who was attending the session has also concurred that the motion was motivated by the interests of the public not political ones. He noted that BCP and BDP’s decision to join forces in toppling the former leadership had nothing to do with who belonged to which political party but rather they worked together for what is best for communities.

While efforts to get a comment from both Ntsogotho and Masoko were unsuccessful those close to them said they have long seen the ouster coming and they have accepted the developments and convinced it’s a political game.


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