OKMCT To Connect Standpipes For NG32 Communities


Okavango Kopano Mokoro Community Trust (OKMCT) plans to provide standpipes in the villages of Boro, Daunara, Ditshiping, Xuoxao, Xaxaba and Xharaxao to address lack of potable water in the area.

This was said by OKMCT Trust Manager Seikaneng Moepedi, who revealed that the villages within NG32 have been experiencing shortage of clean drinking water and the residents have since resorted to fetching water directly from the river, something that poses a serious health risk to the public.

“The trust board of trustees and management have decided to allocate more than P300 000 for the project that will take at least four to five months for people to start getting clean drinking water in their villages,” Moepedi revealed, adding that every village will have enough standpipes to ensure residents do not travel long distances.

According to Moepedi, the few standpipes in some villages are currently not enough considering the growth in populations which then surpass supply, citing Boro, Ditshiping and Xaxaba.

He further revealed that plans are also underway for the Trust to construct a Shopping Complex in Sedie Ward this year so as to create employment opportunities for community members from the six villages. He added that the shopping complex will also in return boost the Trust’s income.

“We have decided to venture into this business because it is not seasonal and resilient as compared to the tourism business which was disrupted by the Covid-19. The mokoro business on the other hand also loses business when the river is dry,” he noted.

Mokoro business which is carried out at Boro, Daunara, Ditshiping, Xuoxao, Xaxaba and Xharaxao in NG32, has been largest source of revenue for trust over the decades.

Moepedi highlighted that the Boro station which contributed 85% of the revenue previously has dropped to 50% this year due to few tourist frequenting the area. He revealed that this year they experienced monthly cash flow of P100 000 – P200 000 from the stations.

He indicated that Boro station alone contributed 60% of revenue into OKMCT since the begin of business this year.


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