OKMCT Host Inaugural Mokoro Race


The inaugural ‘Tapyowa ‘NG32’ Experience,’ a mokoro race hosted by Okavango Kopano Mokoro Community Trust (OKMCT) was held over the weekend at Xaxaba village.

The race which featured women and men’s 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and a complimentary veteran race attracted 30 participants from villages of Daunara, Xhouxao, Boro, Xharaxhao and Xaxaba.

Speaking at the inaugural event, chairperson of the race Edwin Maleho promised a bigger and better second edition in 2024. He highlighted that they will register more participants from other district who will be interested in being part of the race, this he says as a way to raise funds for the initiative. He further revealed that there will also be better prize money and awards of trophies and medals in the next edition.

Maleho noted that they have received calls from around 50 people who inquired about the race and wanted to register but they didn’t because they wanted higher prize monies.  The chairperson however indicated that those who won in this year’s race will be appreciated for taking part in this year’s competition. 

“The Trust has promised to appreciate those who won in order to motivate them. We are preparing for the next edition therefore we are calling for the potential sponsors to come on board,” he said.

Maleho noted that the race will help diversify the economy of communities under OKMCT.

For his part, OKMCT board chairperson Galethuse Manga said they will support the selected committee of the race and make sure that they are able to run their own day to day activities going forward. He explained that the committee will run separately from OKMCT board and management but will report to them.

Kgosi Thogotona Mpanyane of Xaxaba appreciated OKMCT for choosing his village for the inaugural event which he said will promote them as a community and has also boosted their contributed positively to their livelihood.

In the female’s 100m, Boro scooped position 1 and 3 though Kemetha Kelathilwe and Omantle Gabayo while Xhouxao became second through Nametsego Mange. For men’s 100m, Xaxaba’s Ntwe Senase got position 1 while Daunara got position 2 and 3 through Rwendo Molaimang and Kaone Motlalekgosi respectively.

For the female’s 200m, Xhouxao got position 1 and 2 while Daunara came third. In the man category, Xaxaba got position 1 and 2 while Xharaxao settled for third position.

Xhouxao got position 1 in the 400m female, Boro came second while Daunara was third and in the male category, Xaxaba took both position 1 and 3 while Daunara came second. In the female’s 800m race, Boro won position 1 and 3 while Xhouxao got position 2.

In the veteran complimentary race, Garebatshole Sebe got position 1 followed by Botsalo Mbwe in second and in third position came Retsholelwang Matebele. Furthermore, there was a tag of war which was won by Daunara after defeating Xaxaba, Boro and Xharaxao.


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