Okavango Gives Kgosi Tawana A Warm Reception


Batawana Paramount Chief Tawana Moremi II was given a rousing welcome by Okavango residents as he recently addressed his first kgotla meetings in the area following his return to the royal office.

His tour started first in Seronga on Wednesday then Shakawe on Thursday and it was concluded in Gumare on Friday morning. Moremi embarked for a meet and greet session in the areas so that the residents get to appreciate his return to the royal office.

After resuming his duties on the 3rd April 2023, Moremi promised to work closely with his people living from as far as Makalamabedi up to Gudigwa hence his trip to Okavango.

In Seronga, the paramount chief was welcomed by Kgosi Maeze Maeze alongside multitude of people who were eager to see him after a very long time. Speaking in an interview, Maeze said it was an honor for them to be visited by the paramount chief especially that he has been away for a long time.

He said gifts of all kinds were prepared for kgosikgolo at the kgotla ranging from clothes and art works made by people of Seronga and surrounding villages of Beetsha, Gudigwa and Gunotsoga among others.

Maeze added that it was an honor for him as well to have also seated close to Moremi whom he regards as the chosen lion of Batawana tribe.

Maeze said as people of Seronga and the surrounding villages and settlements they will support the paramount chief adding that they will contribute massively to his main celebration event set for Maun next week.

In Shakawe Kgosi Motemo Mbambo said the atmosphere was marvelous as many tribes of Bahambukushu, Basarwa, Bayei and Baxhereko thronged Shakawe kgotla in large numbers for the first time in their history.

The paramount chief was escorted by a convoy of cars from his hotel to the kgotla and upon arrival he was taken for ride in a donkey cart to reminisce the Setswana culture.

Mbambo said many people from villages of Ngarange, Sekondomboro, Sepopa and Shaikarawe came for the kgotla meeting to see their kgosikgolo as a sign of love and respect for him. Many goodies and presents were also given to him.

Moremi concluded his tour in Gumare where another multitude of people were also waiting to see and hear from him since he left for politics. Kgosi Moitshepi Molelwa of Gumare said many shared with the paramount chief their complaints which included among others absence of police officers at the office of the Headman of Arbitration, delays in finalizing cases.

“The paramount chief responded to the complaints and promised to always visit them and have their grievances addressed,” he said.


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