NWDC Approves P291 Million Recurrent Budget


The North West District Council (NWDC) has approved a P 291 721 251 recurrent budget for the upcoming 2024/25 financial year, comprising P280,227,471 of revenue support grant and P11,493,780 from own income sources. 

Addressing council on the budget, finance and work committee Chairperson, Honorable Ntlogelang Kebonyekgotla revealed that the budget was a decrease of P3,041,719 (approximately 1.03%) compared to the provisional budget of P294,762,970 submitted in October 2023 adding that council achieved this adjustment by reprioritising its needs to fit within the approved ceiling.

Furthermore, Kebonyekgotla revealed that the approved expenditure ceiling of P291,721,251 for the financial year 2024/25 reflects an increase of P43,585,349.01 (approximately 17.57%) compared to the current budget of P248,135,902.

This additional allocation will support critical programs and services, indicating that the 2024/25 RSG of P280,227,471 shows a substantial increase of P44,282,229 (approximately 18.77%) when compared to the approved support grant of P235,945,242 for the 2023/2024 fiscal year.

“The council’s income projections for 2024/25 amount to P11,493,780, representing a slight decrease of P696,880 (approximately 5.72%) from the 2023/24 income budget of P12,190,660,” he said.

While the budget allocation details are yet to be fully disclosed, it is anticipated that priority areas such as infrastructure development, healthcare, education, and community services will receive significant attention.

He further highlighted that the largest portion of the recurrent budget of 48% will be dedicated to personnel emoluments, adding the remains focused on fulfilling its targeted priorities, and expressed hope that the awaited developmental budget would fund a substantial number of projects aimed at transforming the livelihoods of the local population.

In addition, the chairperson indicated that the budget designates a significant portion of 25% for special expenses. These expenses cover critical areas such as: Relief of destitute to assisting vulnerable individuals and families and security services that ensure safety and order within the district.

“These special expenses also include school stationery and equipment to supporting education for students. Food and accommodation that address basic needs as well as payment for refuse contract to manage waste disposal efficiently in the district,” he said.

Meanwhile NWDC Chairperson Itumeleng Kelebetseng emphasised the importance of prudent financial management. He said striking a balance between essential needs and fiscal responsibility remains a priority, urging the house to act on the motions raised of exploring new revenue streams.

Kelebetseng advised the income-generating committee to convene and explore innovative ways of creating revenue for the council. Diversifying income sources will contribute to the council’s long-term stability and ability to serve its constituents effectively.


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