Ntsogotho’s Poaching Case Postponed


The state prosecution has not yet secured the services of a Sesarwa interpreter in a case in which the North West District Council Chairman Kebareeditse Ntsogotho and seven other accused persons are charged with illegal poaching of a buffalo.

Maun Magistrate Keneilwe Kgoadi this week postponed the case to July 28 to allow for the state time to secure the services of a Sesarwa interpreter. This follows after one of the seven accused persons had previously indicated that he will use Sesarwa, the only language he said he understands better.

Kgoadi told court that the state was finding it difficult finding a Sesarwa interpreter since last year as there is difference in dialect of the Sesarwa language. He explained that the previous interpreters secured by prosecution varied in Sesarwa dialect from that of the accused person.

“State prosecution has previously failed on various attempts to provide a Sesarwa interpreter due to difference in dialect hence the reason why we kept on postponing the matter,” Kgoadi said.  

Ntsogotho was charged for poaching a month after he was gored by a charging buffalo on 10 May, 2020, in which he sustained serious injuries.

He is reported to have only regained conscious at the hospital hours later. The same buffalo that left him for dead is the one they are accused to have killed without a license.

According to court papers, the accused persons, Sisco Ntsogotho, Kebareeditse Ntsogotho, Keotshephile July, Kejisitswe Motsamai, Costa Chedao, Velly Khwwarakho, Paul Mothathobi and Balebeng Stone John are facing a single count of hunting a buffalo without a license. This is contrary to section 19(1) as read with section 19 (3) (b) of the wildlife conservation and National Parks act. The accused persons are represented by prominent lawyer, Luanda Antonio of Antonio & Partners Legal Practice.


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