North West Region Celebrates Academic Progress


In an effort to change the culture of poor academic performance when compared to other regions, the North West Regional Education Office has for the past 36 months made introspection and deliberate efforts to work towards improving their results.

To celebrate this progress, the region alongside the ministry of education and skills development will today (Friday) evening host staff excellence awards under the theme “Happy employee, drive for results.”

In an interview, regional director Veronica Mochotlhi, said they have since made progress highlighting that in all levels – primary, junior and senior secondary schools, 50% of their schools have achieved value addition in the national examination results.

Mochotlhi indicated that their main strategy is human resource management indicating that they are physically present at all schools to attend to staff welfares, interacting with school leadership using effective communication which has helped to bring a positive mood in schools hence the improved results. She stressed that as a region, their priority is the wellbeing of the staff adding that they have made progress on staff promotion and transfers which mostly affect staff morale.

 “Therefore, it is on this background that looking at the progress we have made, we felt that it is the right time to celebrate and appreciate our excellent performers and it is not only to celebrate but it is another way to motivate and keep up the mood and momentum of the positive attitude in our staff for the past 36 months,” she explained.

This year’s awards categories comprise of; best performing leader (leaders of the year), director’s award, best performing teams, best performing individual teacher at primary, junior and at senior secondary school.

Furthermore, under the best performing teams, there is regional PTA chairperson’s award, best performing primary school, junior, secondary school as well as most improved primary, junior school and lastly, the best performing sub region.

Best lower, middle, and upper primary teacher’s award fells under the; best performing individual teacher at primary schools. For the best performing teacher at Junior school, you find awards for best practical subjects’ teacher, best social sciences teacher, best core subject’s teacher and best business subject’s teacher. The best performing teacher at senior secondary school team comprises of similar categories except for the best humanities teacher.

Meanwhile, the director has indicated that the awards will be held annually and she has since called for stakeholders and business companies and organizations to come on board so that they can increase the award categories next year.


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