Ngamiland Property Expo: Seeking Greener Solutions In Construction


The inaugural Ngamiland Property Expo held recently in Maun has made a resounding call to action in embracing environmentally sustainable practices in the construction space –echoing the need to find greener solutions.

The event, spanning two days, aimed to educate the public on alternative, greener methods of building properties, signaling a pivotal moment in the country’s journey towards environmental stewardship.

Seloilwe Seloilwe, the event’s organiser, emphasised the urgency of transitioning towards net-zero emissions, stating, “Our message is strong; we need to find greener solutions for the construction industry.”

He highlighted the event’s significance as the inaugural installment of a nationwide campaign to showcase sustainable building materials and practices across Botswana.

The keynote speaker, Professor Joseph Mbaiwa of the Okavango Research Institute(ORI), University of Botswana, underscored the importance of sustainability in societal progress. Drawing from Botswana’s rich cultural heritage, he highlighted traditional practices, such as totems, and hunting practices that involved selective hunting as exemplars of long-standing environmental stewardship.

Mbaiwa proposed a shift towards harnessing abundant solar energy, further advocating for a legislative framework that incentivises green energy adoption, envisioning a future where Botswana leads the charge towards greener alternatives.

Tshireletso, a representative from department of town & country planning, shared the same sentiment stating, “Sustainable buildings are not a trend but a fundamental rule that every town, city or village must be designed around.”

According to recent studies, unsustainable building practices in Africa are contributing factors to environmental degradation, social disparities, and climate change. These practices exacerbate climate change, degrade ecosystems, and pose safety risks to inhabitants, particularly in vulnerable communities. Botswana has recognised these issues and taken proactive steps to address them

The Botswana Green Building Council’s guidelines and initiatives are a crucial step towards promoting sustainable construction practices, energy efficiency, and environmental conservation. Moreover, Botswana’s commitment to renewable energy projects, sustainable building materials, and capacity-building programs for professionals reflects a holistic approach towards mitigating environmental impacts and fostering resilience in communities.

The event garnered a decent slate of attendance with public members as well as representations from financial institutions such as banks, property developers, Tawana Land Board as well as Department of Town & Country Planning Botswana.

Looking ahead, Seloilwe expressed optimism for the future, stating, “Our journey towards a greener world has just begun, and each expo will bring us closer to our goal.” With plans to expand the initiative to Ghanzi, the Ngamiland Property Green Expo sets the stage for Botswana’s bold strides towards a more sustainable and resilient future.


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