Ngami JSS Maths And science Fair Addresses Poor Performance


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The Ngami Junior Secondary School recently held its first ever Maths and Science fair to sensitize the learners on various careers based on the two subjects as well as to stimulate their interest in learning them.

The fair was held under the theme “investing in mathematics and science education is a giant leap towards economic growth and diversification” by the school’s mathematics and science department. Many relevant stakeholders were present to motivate and educate learners on the importance of the subjects and also to raise awareness on their value.

Representatives from Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Barminco Services Botswana, Khoemacau Copper Mining, Botswana Police Services shared their experiences and journeys with the learners as a way of motivating them to work harder and improve their mathematics and science performances.

Ngami Junior School Head Gaone Phuthego explained that the initiative came after they realized that students are not doing well in the two subjects and they had to go through a serious introspection as the school to come up with ways to make the learners realize the importance of the subjects.

Phuthego revealed that their 2022 JCE results were extremely poor as their credit pass was 2.5% in mathematic subject while in science they had a credit pass of 4.5%.

She noted that through the fair they needed to give the students the opportunity to explore the unique world of science with greater depth while acquiring skills and knowledge of using science and mathematics as problem-solving tools in the society.

She said that the fair was a success as learners toured different stalls that were set up by the departments that came to support and were able to grasp a lot on the significance of mathematics and science.

Phuthego however said they had a shortage of funds as they did not have much time to organize and approach many stakeholders for support though they were able to get some funds from the community and the Education Regional Office.

The School Head further said that she was very impressed with the maths and science department for coming up with such a good initiative. She added that they intend on having the fair as an annual event and try to invite more stakeholders especially representatives from the Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) to motivate the learners as a University of Science and Technology. She also said that going forward they will have other departments like the Language Department in their school doing the same fair to improve the students’ performance.


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