Mopipi Headman’s Murder Trial Set For November


The trial for a murder case in which Mopipi Headman Kesogofetse Patelelo is alleged to have been murdered by his wife and her secret lover is set to commence before Maun High Court Judge Bugalo Maripe on November 11 this year.

The wife, Seoneni Patelelo and her co-accused person, Peter Forbes allegedly and jointly attacked and strangled the deceased and later dropped him by the road and ran him over with a car on June 27, 2017. The duo is said to have then confessed to the murder following their arrest.

According to court papers, the accused are alleged to have on that day at around 12 midnight traveled from Tati Siding to Mopipi to the deceased’s and first accused person’s matrimonial home. It is said that upon arrival the wife allegedly told her secret lover that the deceased person was abusing her and she wanted to deal with and teach him a lesson.

Court documents further alleged that Forbes then proceeded to knock at the door, and when the deceased opened, the duo jointly attacked and strangled him until he became unconscious.

Patelelo’s wife is alleged to have then undressed him off his pajamas and dressed him with a trouser and a t-shirt. They are said to have proceeded to load him into the car and drove with him to the main road heading towards Letlhakane.

They are alleged to have placed him on the road, and his wife allegedly took over the car and drove over her husband after Forbes refused to do it per the wife’s request.

Court documents further indicate that the deceased was later found by a passerby lying motionless along the road towards Mopipi Junior School who subsequently reported the matter to the police. The deceased was then taken to the hospital where he was certified dead while the accused persons were later arrested. The accused are on bail awaiting trial.


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