Molefhi Reveals Roadmap For BDP Chairmanship


Former cabinet minister Nonofo Molefhi attended the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) congresses in both Maun West and East over the weekend as part of his campaign for the party chairmanship against incumbent Slumber Tsogwane who is also the Vice president of the country.

Molefhi took the opportunity to share his roadmap as the party readies for upcoming 39th National Elective Congress which will be held in Tsabong on August 26th -28th August 2022.

In a brief overview at Maun East Congress, Molefi posited that time has come to change the BDP tradition whereby the VP doubles as party Chairman. He argued that the status quo has led to a situation where the party work suffers as the Vice President also has a mammoth task of assisting the President to run government.

Molefi noted that his mission is to help the party to be visible and strengthened as well as giving the Vice President time to focus in the government portfolio.

“There is lot of government work that needs the VP at all times, but during that time the party suffers therefore imminent change is needed for the betterment of both parties,” he stressed.

Molefi further argued that government has recently reset and reorganized the government portfolio responsibilities, noting that this calls for effective and firm focus and coordination for its efficacy.

“The Vice President should work hand in hand with the President to take this country forward and focus on the reset agenda, rather than the recent setup where he focuses on two roles as if there are no capable people to take up such responsibilities,” he reiterated.

He noted that the party structures have over the years lost focus because of the tradition, adding that imminent change was necessary for the party to be strengthened.

“We have seen lately our party losing bye-elections and that alone should tell and teach us a lesson that things are no longer the same, therefore serious radical measures should be taken now than later,” he said.

Molefhi assured that the party chairman should at all time work together with the President and his deputy to make sure all are up to date of all party activities. He noted that the mandate of the Chairman of the party should reflect in the efficiency of the party structures.

Molefhi further indicated that should he and his team win at  the congress, they will go back to the party structures and resuscitate them, give them presence, engage in a recruitment drive as well as lure older party members back.

“We cannot wholly rely on the youth for the growth of the party but we need to stabilize the party with the older members because that is the tradition and culture of our party,” he stressed.

Molefi added that for them to be a stronger organization, they need to induct more people into the BDP culture for them to understand the party and its policy.

Meanwhile the former Member of Parliament for Selebi Phikwe West has revealed that he has visited more than half of the constituencies and his hope is to win the chairmanship in Tsabong.


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