Maun Welcomes You This Festive!


  • gateway monument symbolising Maun lifestyle launched
  • festive mood engulfs the entertainment hub
  • revelers to throng Maun for various festivities
  • police urge communities and tourists to be vigilant

This week, the North West District Council (NWDC) with other local authorities unveiled the overdue Maun gateway monument, which they reckon symbolises what the village offers as a tourism hub.

The monument is located 10 km away from Maun along the A3 road from Francistown.  Its project was started in 2020 by the North West District Council task force. The total cost of the project stands at P108.207.15, and was awarded to local contractors.

While the monument project has been appreciated as a welcome development, there is a generally feeling that it was long overdue, and as such it was expected to be bigger and better. There have been some social media pundits who opined that the monument was no different from one found in Namibia’s Swakopmund town.

Speaking during the project launch, NWDC Chairman Kebareeditse Ntsogotho explained that the gateway monument symbolises what Maun has to offer as a centre of tourism. He said that the monument creates the first impression to those visiting Maun.

“The travel season is upon us and as it is well known that people like to visit Maun in large numbers so the gateway monument goes a long with the modern society,’ said Ntsogotho.

Ntsogotho stated that the monument also goes along with the modern lifestyle as it offers the residents and visitors the opportunity to take pictures that would remain memorable and advertise Maun.

Meanwhile, Ntsogotho has urged members of the public to play their role while visiting the place and safeguard the project against littering and vandalism.


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