Maun Water Woes Coming To An End By 2023?


The chronic water shortages in Maun and the surrounding areas are set to come to end with completion of the Maun Water Supply and Sanitation phase II project next year, which is expected to produce over 17 million liters of clean drinking water a day. This is if the words of Lands and Water Affairs, Kefentse Mzwinila are anything to go by.

Mzwinila has, during a tour of the Shashe well-fields and Kunyere North boreholes, revealed that his ministry has invested more than P4.5 billion in the project. According to him, phase two of the project which focuses on upgrading and improving the water supply and sanitation services in Maun have already started.

He said the previous 15 million liters of water per day capacity that was supplied could not meet Maun’s demand, adding that the current project will solve the shortages permanently.

Mzwinila has revealed that just from ground water alone in exclusion of surface water they will be able to supply 17 million litres a day.  The Maun Water Supply and Sanitation Phase II has already drilled and refurbished more than 18 boreholes along Shashe Well-field and 6 boreholes at Kunyere South and North which will supply the Shashe Booster Station.

Project Consultant, Nelson Pelaelo explained that the water from the 18 boreholes at Shashe Wellfields and 6 boreholes at Kunyere South and North will be treated at Nxaraga Treatment plant. He indicated that 90% of the water will be supplied to Shashe Booster Station for Maun area while 10% will supply Nxaraga, Komana and the surrounding settlements.

Meanwhile Pelaelo also revealed that the ongoing construction of the Shashe Booster site will supply 11 local water zones in Maun and the surroundings which will include among others, Disaneng East and West Zone, Wenela Water Zone, Matshwane Water Zone and Kubung East and West Zones.

For his part, Maun West Member of Parliament Dumelang Saleshando appreciated the good approach by the Ministry towards a permanent solution to the water shortage in the Maun area. As most of the boreholes are situated along the river, Saleshando has however challenged the contractors to speed up their works because of the flood that will soon reach Kunyere and Shashe rivers next month or July.

While he complained that the project has taken long to complete, Saleshando expressed hope that it will help resolve water shortages permanently.


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