Maun Water Supply And Sanitation Project Completion Deferred


Maun Water Supply and Sanitation project completion date for all the remaining two phases has been extended to March next year.

Contract one – water and sanitation, and contract two – connection of boreholes, treatment and storages, storage reservoirs, booster station and treatment Plants of the main project were initially scheduled to be completed in September 2022 and February 2023 respectively.

Project Management Office (PMO) Director in the Ministry of Lands and Water Affairs, Kaboyamodimo Raitoko has noted challenges of land expropriation issues, flooding of the river channels thereby inhibiting access to Kunyere and Shashe as some of causes for delays.

Others he said included collapsed boreholes and the issue of suspension of works by DEA along Thamalakane River due to queries lodged by the residents along the river.

Raitoko revealed that though completion dates have been extended, overall progress for contract one stands at 71 percent against the actual 99 percent that was anticipated while contract two is at 82 percent against the actual 87 percent planned.

He further revealed that contract one which has two major components; water and sanitation has a good progress indicating that water reticulation designs are complete and construction of bulk mains and lines are at 100 percent. He added that reticulation networks for all zones are also complete while the installation of pump stations and supply tanks are ongoing at different stages.

“Disinfection of old scheme to new project pipelines is ongoing to facilitate early beneficiation and also the completion of the 4th storage tank at Disaneng North is anticipated to be completed by January 2023,” he said.

Raitoko further explained that the sanitation component is going well too, with 60 percent progress on construction of the gravity sewer component while construction of the vacuum sewer in zone 12 and zone 4 stands at 7%. Vacuum design for zone 1, 7 and 8 which could have been completed in November 2022 is also ongoing.

As for contract 2, Raitoko revealed that pipeline construction from Nxaraga pump station to Nxaraga village is complete and that drilling of replacement boreholes is also complete, while the construction of a major pipeline from Kunyere North Wellfields to Nxaraga water treatment plant (raw water pipeline) is ongoing and will be completed by January 2023.

“The construction of elevated tanks at Komana and Nxaraga are complete and the connection of additional boreholes to argument water supply to Maun with boreholes of similar water quality is planned to be done in January 2023 while awaiting completion of treatment plant,” he said.

For contract 2, he said drilling of replacement boreholes is ongoing, prioritisation of work on the river channels and that they have also engaged with the land board for quick turnaround time before the set date for completion of the project.


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