Maun Water Project On Final Phases


The much awaited Maun Water Supply and Sanitation project has moved to its final phases – contracts 3 and 4 which are being done by China Jiangsu and Sharps constructions companies respectively. Works on the two last phases commenced at the beginning of this month and are scheduled to be completed in 18 months.

Contract 3 will be done at Matshwane and Moeti wards where waste water treatment plants will be constructed while the Contract 4 will be for water sources and bulk supply of water to Sexaxa, Matsaudi and Shorobe villages.

Giving a brief overview of the project at a kgotla meeting in Maun, Geoflux Executive Director who is also a project environmentalist supervisor, Keamogetse Mogae explained that contract 3 will entail construction of water treatment plants which will treat waste water around Maun and will then be supplied to communities for agricultural, construction and other domestic use at homes but not for consumption.

Contract 4 phase will include construction and laying of pipes that will connect from the water point in Maun to the Sexaxa, Matsaudi and Sankoyo villages in order to supply enough water to people in those areas.

Mogae said the phases are interlinked in such a way that Contract 1 which deals with water distribution and Sanitation networks will link with the Contract 3 that deals with the treatment of waste water from the sewerage connection from the Contract 1 and treated for use.

She further explained that Contract 4 it is inter linked with Contract 2 where the connection of boreholes source, treatment and storages of water will connect to that which will supply the outside villages of Sexaxa up to Shorobe village.

 “These phases will complete the project which started 2 years ago with Contract 1 and 2, with the objective to upgrade and improve the Water Supply and Sanitation services in Maun and the surrounding to resolve water shortage in the area,” she noted.

Mogae further explained that the Contract 1and 2 are ongoing and expected to be completed in November this year and February 2023 respectively while the Contract 3 and 4 are expected to be completed beginning of February 2024.

The project Engineer Davis Nkala assured that the project will be completed in time and within budget, adding that residents should expect quality drinking water and sanitation networks that will help ease some challenges of water shortage and sewerage blockages.

Meanwhile Kgosi Oleo Ledimo appreciated the project as it will improve the water quality and supply as well as sanitation services in Maun.

“Let us utilize the sanitation services by connecting our sewerages to the main pipes that passes around our homes. We have to stop using the pit latrine and upgrade into the modern water based toilets,” he said.

Acknowledging that many may not be privileged, Ledimo encouraged few that can afford to connect sewerages into the homes to make use of the services. He added that the waste water that will be treated and stored in Matshwane and Moeti should be used in gardens and develops some business around Maun.


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