Maun Water Project Fails To Meet Deadline


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Contractors engaged for the P4.5 billion Maun water supply and sanitation project, whose contracts 1 and 2 were scheduled to be completed in February and March respectively have failed to meet the deadline.

Project Management Office (PMO) Director Kaboyamodimo Raitoko has revealed that the delay was due to technical challenges which the project engineer and contractors have since come up with modifications to speed up works.

He further revealed that an agreement was reached following discussion between the Engineer, PMO, Water Utility Corporation (WUC), Contract 1 and Contract 2 contractors that a new 450 mm diameter pipeline will be connected from Shashe booster station to Disaneng and Matshwane reservoirs so that the existing 250mm diameter pipeline is dedicated to the Tsodilo ones.

Furthermore, he said new boreholes are to be equipped and connected to the system to provide additional water for distribution in Maun. Contract 1 shall provide a connection from the 450mm diameter pipeline to the Matshwane tanks and shall install, connect and provide all associated works to operate and pump the water from Shashe booster station to Matshwane tank 2.

For Contract 2, Raitoko said it shall equip boreholes at Kunyere north well field and transmit water to Nxaraga pump station and from there to Shashe booster station for distribution in Maun.

Raitoko indicated that the new 250mm diameter pipeline that connect from the Shashe 450mm diameter pipeline to Matshwane tanks was at initial stage as of 31st March 2023 adding, that temporary delivery pipeline from the existing Shashe booster station tanks to the new pump station and the associated electrical and telemetry works, 450mm HDPE bypass line was underway.

Furthermore, He said construction of the 250mm diameter pipeline to Matshwane tanks from the 450mm diameter Shashe booster station to New Disaneng tanks including the construction of the 1.3km long pipeline, pipe laying and construction of chambers was completed on the 20th of March 2023.

“Installation of the air valve at the chamber, flushing and disinfection of the pipelined followed immediately and these works were completed on the 27th of March 2023. The chamber cover slabs have been cast and are ready for placing, however, placing shall only be done after the chamber walls have properly cured or hardened,” He added.

The project, which upon completion is expected to produce more than 17 million litres water a day against the current 15 million liters, was hoped to have by now ended the village’s continuing water woes.


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